Earlier this year, from April 8th to the 11th, near the Cook Carillon Tower at Grand Valley State University, the student organization Protect Life at Grand Valley State University held their “Cemetery of the Innocents” event. A peaceful protest against pro-choice activists. 

The group set out to plant 1,000 flags in honor of the lives lost due to abortion. According to their sign, each little pink flag represented 927 of the 927,000 abortions that are performed each year.

According to The Lanthorn, the dialogue took place on April 2. It was designed to ask pro-choice students challenging questions concerning the topic of abortion. The dialogue was set up this way to promote greater discussions concerning controversial topics among students.

Several professors of Gender Studies at GVSU reached out to urge their students to engage in the prompting discussion to further their ideas.

While Protect Life at Grand Valley State University invites those with different mindsets to join their discussion, other universities across the United States do not have this opportunity.

Many conservative and right-leaning student organizations are shut down each day.

President Trump signed an Executive Order for the freedom of speech earlier this year to fight against such censorship. Sadly, universities have successfully attempted to silence conservative speech in the past – and even the present. 

1. Hayden Williams, who was punched in the face while recruiting on the UC Berkeley campus for Turning Point USA, is just one example of the injustice in the spread of ideas.

2. The University of Illinois has been sued twice over their unconstitutional Free Speech policies.

3. At Tulane University, TPUSA chapter president Peyton Lofton was doxxed by leftist students and had his dorm room set on fire.

4. In West Haven, high school students were barred by faculty members from posting signage, saying “Socialism Sucks!” and “Big Gov Sucks!”

5. At Park City High School, leftist students sprayed paper spray into a crowd of TPUSA activists. Nearly 20 students and staff members received medical attention as a result. One student was even reportedly hospitalized.

6. The Norwin High School TPUSA chapter was sabotaged by teachers after only one meeting at the school. The students had to remove TPUSA signage with phrases such as “I Heart Capitalism,” “Socialism Sucks,” and “Big Gov Sucks” because of “disapproval” from staff members.

These are prime examples of students constantly being shut down and denied of their First Amendment right! 

Disagreement of opinion is not a violation of the First Amendment; however, intentionally violating the First Amendment by institutionalizing restrictions is.

TPUSA will not stop supporting Free Speech and the rights of all Americans!

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