Guess who is excluded from the “inclusive” march against Trump

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Pro-choice feminists who claim their event to be “inclusive” have banned feminist organizations that identify as pro-life from sponsoring their march against Trump on inauguration day.

A pro-life feminist group named New Wave Feminists, was originally listed as a partner organization for the march, but, the people in charge of organizing the march are now saying that their listing was a mistake.

According to the Atlantic:

“As many as a few hundred pro-lifers are planning to attend the Women’s March on Washington, which has been billed as feminist counter-programming to the inauguration.”

The organizers of the march said in a statement that,

“The anti-choice organization in question is not a partner of the Women’s March on Washington.”

When asked, the organizers also stated that, “The protest is pro-choice and that has been our stance from day one. We want to assure all of our partners, as well as our participants, that we are pro-choice as clearly stated in our Unity Principles.” They continued, “We look forward to marching on behalf of individuals who share the view that women deserve the right to make their own reproductive choices.”

In response to this, a feminist by the name Roxane Gay tweeted, “Intersectional feminism does not include a pro-life agenda. That’s not how it works! The right to choose is a fundamental part of feminism,”

Ironically enough, the organizers of the march described the event as “inclusive” and said that they celebrated “diversity.” It seems that the inclusivity of the event only applies to those who agree with them.  How diverse.

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