The Guide to Handling Liberal Campus Discrimination

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It isn’t a secret that conservatives, with the exception of a few select campuses, often find themselves discriminated against on campus. Whether you’ve had a professor mock you or had your grade reduced because of your conservative views, the negative ways faculty and peers react to our political ideology run the gamut.

If you’re a conservative and sick of the treatment received because of it, here is your guide to handling liberal campus discrimination:


Do you have a professor or classmate who constantly spews unfactual talking points from the left? Ask them for the statistics, data, and facts to back them up. Constantly being cut off in class because of your ideology? Be respectful, but firmly make it clear that your voice WILL be heard; take it to the professor after class if you have to do so. It can be scary to do so, but even saying, “I wasn’t finished,” and continuing on after being interrupted can be effective.

Pushing back can be unnerving, but you are not a doormat, and shouldn’t be treated as such. Let your voice be heard. Make sure to do it respectfully and in a classy manner, and no one will be able to hold an actual complaint against you.


If you think your grades are being impacted negatively because of your point of view, start questioning them. Examine things against the rubric to make sure you met every single standard, and then take it to your professor. They should be able to give an explanation as to the points deducted; if they don’t do so, you could have a valid case to take to a higher up.

However, make sure you’re only doing this with work done in an excellent manner. If you do a terrible job, you SHOULD have points deducted, and won’t be able to make any sort of case of discrimination. I once had to write a persuasive paper on a controversial topic in a government class, and I chose to write a pro-life paper, and pour my heart, soul, and efforts into it; I will never know whether or not the professor was pro-life, but he gave me a 100 percent on the paper. Do work that deserves a great grade.

PC: Mission Heights Preparatory High School


If you are constantly facing harassment and discrimination in the classroom, stop talking to your professor about it; instead, take it to their boss (typically, the dean of the department). Not an example of political discrimination, but I once had a psychology professor who told me I was essentially a Ku Klux Klan member because I am a Christian. He didn’t listen to me when I told him that was not a comparison he could draw, so I immediately took it to his boss. I was very clear in letting them know that I wanted this incident on record, and that the school never would have tolerated it if I was a Muslim or someone who wasn’t a Christian. That professor never drew such a comparison again, and was very careful from then on to watch his mouth.

This same strategy works if facing discrimination for being a conservative. Although some school administration may not listen, it is extremely important to make sure complaints are voiced to and recorded by the administration. They need to know that you will not tolerate discrimination.


If your professor is going off on a liberal, discriminating rant in class, film it. Write quotes down. Take pictures of slides. You can always check later to make sure your school doesn’t have contracted material about reporting things that go on in class (as some schools do), but once the opportunity to document something is passed, you can’t get it back. If you think something isn’t right or shouldn’t be happening in class, get proof; you can always think twice later.


Finally, if you’re continually facing discrimination and the school refuses to do anything about it, report it. Tip off an organization like Campus Reform, The Blaze, or The Professor Watchlist. Sometimes, it takes pressure from the outside to make change happen.

Conservatives should not be discriminated against, belittled, or silenced on campus, yet, they are. Let’s work together to help end liberal campus discrimination wherever we find it.

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