Torrey Prukop, a former student at Austin Community College, was harassed by her liberal professor for writing a research paper with right-leaning viewpoints.

Torrey Prukop is an Austin, Texas native and recent high school graduate. As an avid student, Prukop graduated a semester early from high school and began taking general classes at Austin Community College in January. The classes were basic: history, math, science, etc..

Her government class, however, became Prukop’s bête noire. She enrolled in a local and state government class primarily covering the town of Austin and the state of Texas.

In May, she was tasked with writing a 6 page, argumentative paper covering 4 or more of the topics discussed throughout the class. The prompt read as follows:

“What challenges do we face as a state and how can we meet them? Imagine you are writing this paper in preparation for a one-on-one meeting with the Governor of Texas. If his or her job is to represent you and your views, what are they? This is not a paper about ‘my political opinions’; instead, it’s a paper about how fact-based and persuasive you can be about the positions you hold and why you hold them. Use your critical thinking skills and the tool of comparative analysis to evaluate the quality of life in Texas, how that compares with other states, and yes, other countries.”

Prukop saw this as a challenge – her professor was extremely left-leaning. Prukop said he would spend much of class rambling about President Donald Trump and his policies. She particularly disliked how her supposedly local and state government class turned into an imbroglio of national politics.

The professor was blinded by his hubris in the liberal ideology, often disavowing President Trump and allowing students to openly bash the President during class.

What’s more, the professor would frequently show the class political videos of liberal pundits such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT).

It goes without saying that there were few positive remarks about the Trump administration and even fewer educational lessons on the government.

Nevertheless, Prukop was determined to express her knowledge of the government to her professor. As topics, she chose the road less traveled: gun violence, the legalization of marijuana, southern boarder security, and immigration.

Because of her conservative mindset, Prukop wrote in favor of President Trump’s southern boarder wall, common sense gun laws, and the legalization of marijuana. She strongly disagreed with, however, illegal immigration.

She knew, nevertheless, to stick to the facts. Just as many other young, conservative students must do, she did not want to anger her professor, for fear of a bad grade.

After myriad research, time, and effort, the conservative government student finally turned in her research paper. She eagerly waited for feedback from her professor.

The time finally came, but it came with disappointment and confusion. Her paper didn’t receive an ‘A.’ It didn’t even get a ‘B.’ The paper, with only a note from her professor on it, read, “See me after class.”

Prukop proudly went to see her professor – she knew her use of logos outweighed that of pathos.

As she talked to her professor, she noted that he only critiqued the parts of the paper about President Trump, illegal immigration, and the southern boarder wall. The professor continued to say that using the term “illegal immigrant” shows hostility towards their situation. “The proper term is ‘undocumented worker’,” explained the professor.

What’s more outlandish, the professor proceeded to say that the majority of Prukop’s support was incorrect and that the sources were not credible. As the professor paced around the room, speaking aggressively and antagonistically, she was scared that she failed, yet stayed confident in her values.

The professor gave Prukop a 0% on the assignment and told her to rewrite the paper in its entirety. To avoid flunking the class, Prukop reluctantly rewrote the 6 page paper.

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She followed all the steps, cited all her work, and made the major adjustments she felt necessary.

Prukop replaced every “illegal immigrant” to “undocumented worker.” She swapped several credible sources for left-leaning ones, such as The Guardian and NBC News. She even included statistics from The White House data base.

She turned the paper in a second time, butterflies swarming in her stomach as she awaits a final grade. The professor was ardent about the subjects she choose, so she made sure that the facts came first and the feelings were nonexistent.

Once again, her paper did not receive an ‘A.’ The paper, equipped with a similar note as before, read, “Please see me.”

As Prukop entered the professor’s classroom, she could tell he was angry, as if he were incandescent. He began pacing back and forth around the classroom, raising his voice over the fallacies in Prukop’s research paper.

“My professor said all the facts were wrong and that every source was questionable,” said Prukop. When asked about specific examples, the professor avoided the question, wanting only to talk about the premise of the research.

“Why is the White House not credible?” asked Prukop. “Absolutely not, nothing from the President is credible,” answered the professor.

“Google how many times Trump has lied to Americans and how the people of El Paso feel about about Trump,” he continued, “They all feel he is a liar!”

“[students] are so young and so undecided that professors like [mine] are brainwashing students to think the only way to be successful and to pass the class are to change their views to his “

“My professor went on to claim that there is no proof that illegal immigrants come here with guns, bring gang violence, or with drugs,” Prukop said to a Turning Point USA News journalist.

At this time, another student was with Prukop for seemingly the same reason: being a conservative. According to Prukop, the other student stood up to the professor, saying, “Professor, I feel that it’s kind of common sense that they do.”

The professor fervently said, “Well, I don’t. I think that is completely wrong.”

The professor did, however, give the students the chance to rewrite their research papers – for a third time. But, with one stipulation: a “bad grade” if they do not redo the assignment.

Prukop was not going to let this liberal professor bully her for her viewpoints.

“I realized I wasn’t going to get a good grade unless I changed my views”

She cordially walked out of the classroom and said nothing back to the professor. She was confident in her writing and knew that she did not need to rewrite her paper. She took a stand and did not rewrite her paper.

According to Prukop, the professor must have admired her sanguine opposition because she received a ‘C’ grade on the paper.

Or could it have been because the professor knew she was correct? Austin Community College has a strict Code of Conduct that specifically states, “Austin Community College promotes the exchange of knowledge in an environment that encourages reasoned discourse, intellectual honesty, and respect for the rights of all persons. In support of this goal, the primary purpose of the Student Standards of Conduct and Disciplinary Process is to educate and guide students to understand their responsibilities in regard to appropriate behavior and respect for others in the College community.”

To take this further, the Employee Handbook outlines that discrimination is prohibited at ACC, whether for employment or for access to programs:

“Employment at Austin Community College District and access to its programs or activists shall not be limited on the basis of race, color, creed, nation origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or physical disability.”

Prukop decided not to stay on the sidelines and watch a game that many students unknowingly play: liberal indoctrination. Prukop decided to stand her ground.

“I thought education was supposed to teach us how to think and form our own opinions, instead of what to think”

Interestingly enough, ACC has a “Master Plan” in order to center their focus around student learning. It reads, “The ACC Master Plan is a multi-year, cohesive framework for focusing on student learning that reflects the priorities of the College and the strategies for accomplishing stated objectives.”

For Prukop’s professor, “student learning” must be a synonym for radical indoctrination. The postulation that government statistics and studies are fabricated because of the sitting President is a draconian assertion.

Through this interaction, Prukop says she is willing to do whatever she can to make sure that her experience is not a normal one in education.

“I want to be able to advocate for the other students who are going through this and might not have enough confidence to standup to their professors,” elucidated the conservative student.

Prukop is devoted to ending the de facto leftism of students induced by their professors. Her experience is not few-and-far-between amongst conservative students. On every educational level, teachers are persecuting conservative students merely for their ideologues.

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Not only does Prukop stand up for the timeless American values of free speech, free markets, and free people, but she also stands with her peers that have been demonized and taunted by professors for holding such values.

“After hearing the speakers at YWLS (Young Women’s Leadership Summit),” said Prukop, “I want to go into politics to advocate for educational freedom of speech.”

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