Iran President Hassan Rouhani Slams Trump For UN Speech

Iran President Hassan Rouhani Slams Trump For UN Speech


Hassan Rouhani, the President of Iran, is demanding that Trump apologizes for his bombastic speech to the United Nations.

Based on live, on the scene reporting from the Associated Press, it appears that Rouhani is not a happy camper with President Donald Trump’s first address to the United Nations General Assembly.

According to the live reporting, “Rouhani says the Iranian people are waiting for an apology from U.S. President Donald Trump for his “extremely offensive” rhetoric and baseless allegations.”

Rouhani has even resorted to criticizing Trump’s rhetoric as an excuse to bow out of the Iran nuclear deal reached and agreed upon in 2015 by President Barack Obama, Trump’s predecessor.

In response to Trump’s evident distrust of Iran’s compliance with the nuclear deal, Rouhani affirmed that his country has been compliant and that he didn’t see any reason to meet with the American president to stress the Iranian compliance in not creating nuclear weapons.

Rouhani said, further: “if the United States government exits the agreement undoubtedly it will be condemned by the American people themselves, and before that by the European Union and all countries throughout the world.”

Rouhani wasn’t the only other world leader who appeared insulted by Trump’s address to the General Assembly.

For one, and for understandable reasons, the UN Ambassador from North Korea walked out of the room after the Trump Administration affirmed a major military response if the North Korean government persists with the development of a nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missile.

Observing the address as the camera pans to other members of the audience, several leaders maintained a straight, almost-frowning facial expression when it came to Trump stomping for his “America First” approach to U.S. foreign policy.

Political commentators, Democratic and some Republican lawmakers, and external voices have characterized Trump’s speech to the UN as an explicit representation of “what not to do” when dealing with foreign policy.

On Iran, in particular, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) argued in favor of staying in the Iran nuclear deal citing that the parameters of the agreement were met.

“Most of the complaints about Iran don’t have anything to do with the agreement. They complain about ballistic missiles and other things, but that’s not part of the agreement,” Paul said in an interview for Politico. “I think while the agreement’s not perfect, my main concern has always been compliance. But if they’re complying with it, I think we should stay in it.”

With regards to the merits of the speech, Los Angeles Times readers and commentators have declared that Trump’s speech is the latest example of his “unfitness” to hold the office of the American presidency.

In a perspective that favored the speech, National Review columnists like Rich Lowry applauded the tone and stance.

“In general, Trump defended the American-created and -defended world order, but he did it on his own terms,” Lowry wrote. “He emphasized the importance of sovereign nation-states and said we should accept their different cultures and interests. This is fine as far as it goes.”

(H/T: Associated Press via The Washington Post)

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