Here’s how the media has reacted to TPUSA’s Professor Watchlist

Here’s how the media has reacted to TPUSA’s Professor Watchlist

Recently Turning Point USA launched its latest project targeting liberal bias on campus — the Professor Watchlist, which aggregates news stories about college professors who have a record showing blatant liberal bias in the classroom. Predictably, the left has gone into a full-blown panic over the site calling it “grotesque” and “chilling“.

The left has for so long lambasted conservatives in whatever way they can — whether it is through the media or through the classroom. Conservatives have decided they’re fed up with the double standard of liberalism and are fighting back with the tactics of the left.

Thursday morning an article was published in the New York Times by a professor featured on the Professor Watchlist for racist comments in the classroom.

Dr. George Yancy is a Professor of Philosophy at Emory University.  A Red Alert Politics article states “Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a letter to white Americans calling them racist. Make no mistake, if you are white, you are racist. As theBlaze pointed out, black professor George Yancy called on white America to examine the “racist poison that is inside of you.” And Yancy means all white America.””

Dr. Yancy’s article, titled I Am a Dangerous Professor, likens the Professor Watchlist to an Orwellian tone stating, “Those familiar with George Orwell’s “1984” will recall that “Newspeak was designed not to extend but to diminish the range of thought.”” Dr. Yancy also compares the Professor Watchlist to a modern strain of McCarthyism which he blames on the “Make America Great Again” movement.

Its goal of “outing” professors for their views helps to create the appearance of something secretly subversive. It is a form of exposure designed to mark, shame and silence.

— Dr. George Yancy

The problem with Dr. Yancy’s observation is that the goal is not to shame but rather to open the door to what is happening in college classrooms all across the country. Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA’s founder, told Independent Journal Review in an interview:

“Alumni, donors, parents, and students deserve to know the biases that exist in our universities. This is an awareness tool, not calling for termination or action. We simply seek to educate the public on the radical behavior that has taken over our colleges and universities.”

Rather than a tool to silence opposing viewpoints, the Professor Watchlist seeks to shed light on liberal bias on campuses and raise awareness for a trend impacting almost every single college campus nationwide.

Even BuzzFeed News jumped in on the action with an article published last week featuring a quote from Alana Mastrangelo, a Turning Point USA field director, saying:

“Think of this as something similar to that ‘Rate my professors’ website, but with actual news articles as sources instead of people’s opinions. Many students have always wanted to know ahead of time what they are signing up for before they enter a classroom, and for many, it would be helpful to know if a professor has actually made headlines for past behavior.”

Slate, a notoriously leftist online publication, also featured the Professor Watchlist in an article in which the writer concedes that Charlie Kirk is sincere in his desire to raise awareness rather than intimidate. However, the author Rebecca Schuman called the watchlist “grotesque” and “a stock agency for photos of self-satisfied young white people.” In her article, she raises concerns for the safety of those featured on the list as well as likens the project to the insurgence of the neo-nazi faction of the alt-right — which Kirk quickly dismissed.

The media’s reaction to the Professor Watchlist has not all been negative though.

The Daily Caller published an article Wednesday with the title Leftists Lose their Minds Over ‘Professor Watchlist’ Created To Expose Liberal Indoctrination on Campus. They also recognize that the Professor Watchlist “doesn’t list just any professor — TPUSA requires proof.”

While denouncing the project, New York Magazine also published an article featuring all of the projects and tenants of Turning Point USA — which was fairly objective barring the occasional bit of left-leaning commentary.

While the response from the mainstream media has been predictably largely negative, the Professor Watchlist continues to provide a resource to concerned to students, parents, and alum who seek to know just what they’re enrolling in, paying for, or donating their money to.

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