Several months ago, Candace Owens, Turning Point USA’s Director of Communications, was eating breakfast at Green Eggs Cafe in Philadelphia with the organization’s founder and president, Charlie Kirk. ANTIFA showed up and harassed them. 

On April 15, Owens went back to Philadelphia.

Owens made an appearance at the University of Pennsylvania, as the UPenn College Republicans and The UPenn Statesman sponsored her.

During the week before Owens appearance, multiple members of said conservative groups noticed that flyers advertising for the event had been removed or intentionally covered up, according to the UPenn Statesman (see below).

Owens was highly opposed on campus by Philadelphia ANTIFA and other left-leaning student groups on the campus of UPenn.

While this specific event of Owens’ was only open to PennCard holders and the affiliates of the host groups, the aforementioned groups still intended on protesting the event.

A group even set up a public event on FaceBook delineated for protesting Turning Point USA. The post said, “There can be NO platform for fascists and racist hatespeech! Come out Monday April 15 to SHUT DOWN fascist speech in Philadelphia, remind Candace of the last time she tried to step foot in our city…”

The protests against Owens are not only by “anti-fascist” or leftist groups. Radio host and award-winning columnist, Solomon Jones, wrote an opinion piece in mid-March speaking out against Owens.

In the op-ed, Jones can be found comparing Owens to “house slaves” saying that “Owens [has] always served as tools of white supremacy.”

“[B]lack sellouts have always helped to maintain white supremacy,” Jones continued.

Many leftist activists took to Twitter to express their hatred:

“Candace Owens is coming to Penn next week,” tweeted one user, “3 likes and I will attempt to throw an overripe tomato at her.”

“Racist propagandist, white nat’lism enabler & viral deception agent Candace Owens has been invited by Penn GOP to speak on campus,” tweeted another user, “[Owens] is hard at work rewriting history, calling south. strat. a myth. Disturbing in light of campus ‘free-speech’ ex order.”

“I’m f[******] disgusted that @Penn is going to host white nationalism advocate Candace Owens,” said yet another user, “Like, physically f[******] ill.”

What’s interesting about the protestors is that they are predominately white. A photo captured by a by-stander shows dozens of activists, many in masks, protesting against a black women they view as a white nationalist:

Protestors at UPenn on April 15

Candace Owens commented to Breitbart News, “Absolutely nothing has changed about the Democrat Party over the last 60 years, they have just gotten better at concealing their motives. During the civil rights era, they used intimidation and violence via their domestic terror group, the Ku Klux Klan. Today, they use the same tactics via Antifa.”

“Fortunately, the facade is dropping and the hate and racism that dictates every inch of their party is at long last being exposed. I am neither intimidated, nor will I be silenced. I am looking forward to a successful event,” continued Owens.


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