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Last week at Park City High School in Park City, Utah, nearly 20 students and staff members received medical attention as a result of a leftist student pepper spraying a Turning Point USA event. One student was even reportedly hospitalized.

The targeted room had been reserved for a Turning Point USA event according to an article by The Salt Lake Tribune. Another student at the high school has already admitted to being the one who released the chemical.

The attacker released enough of the chemical into the intended room that a second classroom was affected.  The students in the second classroom reported feeling ill.

The school’s TPUSA chapter had planned on hosting an event titled, “How to Bridge the Divide with Will Witt from PragerU.”

“The pepper spray was sprayed in the Lecture Hall fifteen minutes after school was dismissed,” said the Park City School District communications director Melinda Colton to Breitbart News.

Even though the original room was tampered with, the event was moved and went on as planned.

“We’re still investigating the incident, so no motive yet,” said Park City Police Department captain Phil Kirk. However, several students did tell Breitbart News that they believe that the attack was politically motivated.

They said that the attacker was a well known “socialist” on campus, who is very open about his political views.

“The student, Max, who put on the event did a great job dealing with the last minute pressure,” Will Witt told Breitbart News, “He took control and secured the [new] venue.”

“It’s unbelievable that students, even in high school, have been brainwashed by the left to the point they would do such a thing, putting people’s lives in danger,” Witt said, “It also goes to show how far the left will go to shut down opinions they don’t agree with.”


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