EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: High School Teacher Calls Trump Shirt Swastika

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A video was sent in showing a high school teacher who has been identified as Lyn Orletsky from River Ridge High School in Georgia by Turning Point News.

The incident happened Thursday according to sources.

Lyn Orletsky via Facebook

In this video the teacher appears to order her students wearing Trump shirts to turn them inside out. She didn’t want her students wearing these shirts for the same reason ‘you cannot wear a swastika to school’.

Trump Swastika Equivalency

To liken a democratically elected president to a genocidal regime is not only perversely incorrect, but indicative of a greater cultural trend.

The media has drawn too many comparisons between President Trump and Nazis to the point that a teacher at a high school feels compelled to order her students to not wear their Trump shirts.

The Nazis were a brutal regime that killed millions of Jews. To compare Trump to the Nazis is horrible. They orchestrated one of the largest and most horrifying genocides in human history. The holocaust was one of humanities lowest points.

No responsible authority figure should liken a Trump shirt to a swastika. The difference is as vast as that of great good and extreme evil.

Teachers in positions of authority have an obligation to encourage dialogue and common sense thinking. Criticism of candidates is permissible, but to use the stigma of the Nazis in such a way is not only morally bankrupt, it is harmful to our society.

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    • jeff pope, Hitler was a champion of the left until he started killing. He was still following leftist ideology but was labeled right because of it.

      • Are you two out of your minds? I’ve seen it all now. Hitler and the Nazi party were in total opposition to the left, from the get go. Oh my God. The Bolsheviks perceived radicalism and blaming intellectuals on the left for the Treaty of Versailles was in large part what the far right Nazi’s used to coalescence of their movement. You don’t get much more right that Fascism. These aren’t political observations they are well observed, well documented facts that have nothing to do with some frutiy teacher’s inaccurate claims while overstepping her boundaries.

        • The political spectrum is a bit more complicated than Left and Right, particularly when you’re talking about an international context, and terms spanning centuries.

          Consider that “communist” China is now more capitalist than the USA, and entirely engaged in free market enterprise. Indeed, the only thing “communist” about China right now is that its sole party will not permit any other party to challenge it in any way, and therefore political civil liberties (e.g., speech, assembly, etc.) are greatly curtailed. So you can’t just go by the terms without defining what you mean.

          Hitler was certainly a nationalist (that’s the “N” in Nazism). And if you believe that “The Left” subordinates nationalism to worldwide ideological causes, then Hitler was definitely not a Leftist. But Hitler was certainly no “conservative” either. To be a conservative in Germany at that time meant that you were for the restoration of the monarchy! Nor was Hitler a supporter of laissez faire free-market capitalism. He was perfectly willing to allow free market mechanisms if it furthered his aims, just as he was perfectly willing to entertain socialist economic principles (e.g., price regulation, rationing, capital controls, etc.). For Hitler, the ends (his ends) always justified the means. And the means could be Left, Right, Center, or even orthogonal.

          As far as being a racist, a dictator, etc., well, none of this is exclusive to either Left or Right. The extremes of both ends look pretty much the same in practice.

        • WRONG he was a national SOCIALIST you idiot, that makes him firmly entranced on the LEFT.It is getting so old this revisionist history of leftists who cant stand the fact they were the racists and nazis.

        • Here is where all the leftists get it wrong; what is Left and Right? We usually liken far-left to communism and far-right to fascism but the fact is; they are both left.

          It is an argument of leftist collectivism vs. right-wing individualism. The leftists want to place everyone in their own collective bubbles. They pay lip service to the idea of individuality until someone steps out with a differing opinion. The democrats in America are grouping people together by race, sex, orientation and whatever else they can think of, turning each group against one another and championing the victims.

          Some people are called far-right in America because they are lovers of the 1st and 2nd amendments and will vote republican because that is the only main party upholding the constitution (to any degree), but they only love the 1st amendment because their ideas are vile and no one would let them speak if not for that basic right. And they love the 2nd amendment because their ideas are so vile, they understand the need for protection. But in all other ways, they are a collective. Their tactics are that of a mob. That is leftist ideology.

          The right-wing ideology doesn’t care about race, sex, orientation, etc. because it does not factor. It is about the individual, their rights as individuals, and not based on what group they have been placed in. We all have the same basic unalienable rights under God. One person may not like another person and for whatever reason, it doesn’t matter. They still are human beings. It is the “leave me alone, I’ll leave you alone” mindset. That is not an argument for segragation; another leftist idea put to rest by the republican party. It is the understanding that having the right to speak one’s mind also means that occasionally one must hear things he does not want to hear.

          Leftists hate that concept because they still dream of a collective utopia. They need to silence dissent and when they don’t get their way, look how fast the peaceful socialist turns fascist! AntiFa smashing, attacking and silencing! BLM threatening, targeting and throwing punches with the rest of them. Mob mentality doesn’t build a lasting movement. Too quickly they lose their powers of speech and resort to violence.

          Hitler was a leftist and only went further and further to the left. The Nazis were a socialist party turned fascist; both are the same direction and inevitable in a collectivist type of society. It’s mob rule and the Left is the mob.

    • You need to read up on your history if you believe Adolf Hitler was democratically elected.
      Hitler was appointed Chancellor, not democratically elected. Hitler took power utilizing a mixture of negotiation and intimidation to force the Reichstag into voting for the Enabling act of 1933. he didn’t gain full control of government until after the Death of Paul Von Hindenburg, the President, who had beaten Adolf Hitler in the voting booths by roughly 6 million votes in April of 1932.

  1. What’s happened to America?

    How can this teacher become so deluded that she thinks she can label people as Neo Nazis just because they don’t like Hillary Clinton?

    How baby ish is that? “Boo hoo, I haven’t got my own way, so you’re all, like, the worst tyrants in the whole history of the world!! I just hate you so much. Urrrgggh!!!”

    Come back Elephant in the Room. We like you so much better than the Infant In the Room.

  2. There is no way I would allow her to do that if my kid was in her class. The parents need to go in there and have a face to face talk with her and the school officials.

    • I’d hire some homeless guy to dress up like Antifa and punch her in her face. We need to hit them with their own tactics. They’re basically our own embedded North Korea. They only understand one thing.

  3. I don’t’ fault the kid leaving, but I would have refused. Tell her to get the principal, then the police. Someone would realize how ridiculous this was

  4. Just graduated from River Ridge spring of 17′, and I’m so thankful I never had her. Last year she called a kid a terrorist just because of his religion! My brother is a freshman this year and he got an e-mail from the school Admin saying no disciplinary action will be taken against Orletsky, however the students are making sure to wear trump shirts to her class as often as possible.

  5. The first thing that needs to be done, is take away their Union and their Pensions. Then we’ll see who the true Educators Are!
    These people don’t educate, they brainwash. Their goal is simply to put an army of resistors together, mindless and common sense less. Bound by lack of knowledge and ignorance instead of chains.
    This is indeed the new Civil War and another fight we need and must win!
    These leftist are as Anti-American as they come. We need to offer each and everyone of them a one way ticket to any place other than here.

  6. The teacher did the right thing. Trump supporters have associated themselves with swastikas and Nazism in significant numbers. To 2/3 of Americans who strongly disapprove of this president, “MAGA” absolutely is logically connected with Nazism.

    • Nope….she identified herself as antifa,a terrorist organization, in a public ally funded school. She “dictated” her views and abused her position of authority!

    • Logic, there is no logic within the Democrat party, it is a party based upon lies. You can keep your doctor, muslims killed the ambassador because of a film, fast & furious, clean my files like with a cloth, the police officer acted stupidly, hands up don’t shoot, don’t cross this red line Syria, climate change. The list is unmeasurable and Democrats are worse than Nazis.

    • > Trump supporters have associated themselves with swastikas and Nazism in significant numbers.

      What “associations”? What “significant numbers”? What are you talking about? Some neo-nazis show up at some alt-right rally and you think that represents of 60+ million voters? When you accuse 60+ million people of something, you better have more proof than “the WaPo op-ed told me so”.

      > “MAGA” absolutely is logically connected with Nazism

      Logical fallacy. So if neo-nazis happen to shop at the same stores you do, does that make you a neo-nazi? Or does that make them all libtards?

    • Patty: the Southern Poverty Law Center estimates the number of people in this country that “associate themselves with swastikas and Nazism” to be .003% of the nation’s population. Please provide some parameters for what you consider “significant numbers” or stop simply making stuff up. Hyperbole and bs, such as yours, do nothing to promote constructive discourse.
      I am guessing that your 2/3 disapproval rating came from the same genius polling firms that predicted a Clinton landslide in 2016? MAGA!

    • No Patty, Trump supporters have not “associated themselves with swastikas and Nazism” … that would be the antifa group and brainwashed democrats. This country really needs to stop giving the anti-social hatred loving bunch any air time. Your crowd makes this country look and sound like a cesspool

  7. Hope someone turned her into the Georgia state teacher licensing board. She needs to lose that license and be barred from future access to minors!