West Haven High School student and Turning Point USA activist, Dan Gallipoli, said that his teachers were offended by a TPUSA sign that read “America Is The Greatest Country.” Gallipoli spoke to Breitbart News on their weekly TPUSA campus report segment.

“We learned that administration — specifically some of the teachers in the school — had called for our club to be disbanded,” said Gallipoli to Breitbart News, “and they were encouraging people to take down our posters — right now, we’re still working with the administration, the principal and the superintendent, trying to get our posters up.”

Alex Marlow, host of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily, asked Gallipoli what specific signage was being taken down by the high school. Gallipoli stated that the “Big Government Sucks” and “America is the greatest country in the world” signs were the ones being taken down.

“Literally ‘America is the greatest country in the world’ triggered the left on your campus?” Marlow said shockingly, “That is crazy.”


“The [administration’s] idea was that maybe it could offend people who were from another country and who had family in another country,” Gallipoli elucidated.

“But we argued — we have rivalries with other schools, and we say stuff like Notre Dame sucks,” continued Gallipoli, “So what’s the problem with saying that America is the greatest country in the world when we think West Haven is the greatest high school in the world, and that might offend people who would transfer from Notre Dame.”

The West Haven TPUSA chapter invited GOP Chairman J.R. Romano to visit their campus a week after the incident.

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“We invited the Connecticut GOP chairman to our next meeting so that we could get a second opinion and maybe some suggestions for solutions,” stated Gallipoli, “and he posted about it on his social media, and he had an argument with a board of [education] member from another district.”

Gallipoli went on to say that board of education member Trisha Brookhart “called us racist and sexist and said we were brainwashed by our Republican parents.”

“Absolutely pathetic to attack teachers for standing up to these racist, sexist, bullies who are brainwashed by their Republican parents,” tweeted Brookhart, according to a recent report by the Hartford Courant.

Brookhart deleted her tweet after Romano’s call for her resignation because of this incident.

“Next year,” said Gallipoli, “what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be inviting any teachers who disagree with us, or think we should get banned, to our meetings so we can talk to them and really show [them] what Turning Point is about.”

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