PHOTOS: Truth about Che Whitewashed in High School Class

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A class at City Arts and Technology High School, a charter school in San Franscisco, is being used to promote leftist news sources as well as Che Guevara.

According to documents obtained by Hypeline, the class, taught by Jennifer Gerosa, includes a whitewashed history of Che Guevara, and also includes mainly leftist news sources as suggested places for research. Neither Gerosa nor the school responded to a request for comment.

The assignment (pictured below),  has the purpose of ‘learning about why Che was a leader’.


Some of the reasons listed are how Che advocated socialism after seeing “the effects of capitalism, where there were a few rich people, but many poor people.” The assignment praises Che for helping spread socialism selflessly.

The assignment fails to note Che’s ‘work’ in establishing atrocious labor camps for gays, AIDS patients, and people who opposed the Communist regime.

But will students in the class learn about the awful truth of Che and other Communists? Probably not, based on the recommended sources in Gerosa’s class, which include: Democracy Now!, Huffington Post, AJ+, and MSNBC. There are no conservative sites listed, although neutral sites such as Associated Press and liberal-leaning New York Times are listed as well.


One parent at the school who provided the documents told Hypeline this issue is personal.

“I am originally from Bolivia the country that put a stop to Che, my mother’s best friend was a nurse in the town Che was gunned down…my father was persecuted for opposing communism in the 50’s he was sent to hard labor and exiled.”

She said that she never thought the economic model of socialism Che promoted would be taught elsewhere, nor would the indoctrination be allowed to persist. Normally, according to the parent, her son enjoyed school, but was not enjoying the indoctrination in the American literature class, which presumably, is supposed to address literature, not Communist mass murderers.


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