Hope From a Blue State

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While Republicans across the country celebrated great victories all across the country in 2014 and had many electoral successes in 2016 as well, those red waves did not quite make it to my fair state of Oregon.  Thankfully while we might not have gotten an the wave here in 2014 we did at least get a splash.

Oregon is one of only five states in the Union that is controlled entirely by the Democratic Party.  Oregon has not had a Republican Governor since 1987 and had not elected a Republican to any statewide office since 2002, until this year.

Yesterday I was able to attend the inauguration of Secretary of State Dennis Richardson, the first Republican to be elected statewide in Oregon in years.  Oregon has about an 8.5 percent Democratic voter registration edge, so a Republican being successful statewide is a bit of a heavy lift.  After being outspent by more than a million dollars Dennis Richardson was still able to defeat his Democratic opponent Brad Avakian by 4 points.

So while Republicans around the country celebrate the election of Donald Trump and the control of Congress by the GOP, conservatives in deep blue states will keep up the fight.  Because no matter the circumstances , you can find a way to achieve victory.

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