House Democrat Overwhelmingly Defeated In Bid To Impeach Trump

House Democrat Overwhelmingly Defeated In Bid To Impeach Trump

Democrat House Representative Al Green proposed articles for President Trump’s impeachment today. The proposal failed miserably.

“Donald John Trump, by causing such harm to the society of the United States is unfit to be president and warrants impeachment, trial and removal from office,” Green said on the House floor as he introduced the articles Fox News reported.

“Friends, whether we like it or not, we now have a bigot in the White House who incites hatred and hostility,” he wrote in a letter to colleagues on Tuesday.


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Green’s articles of impeachment list Trump’s remarks in the aftermath of the incident in Charlottesville. Additionally, Green listed President Trump’s comments regarding Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) over the summer about a phone call the president made to a deceased soldier’s family. Also, Green listed the president’s frequent criticism of NFL players who have protested abuses by police officers by kneeling during the national anthem.


None of these are viable reasons for impeachment


Al Green called for Trump's impeachment on House floor Wednesday
PC: Wikimedia Commons | US Congress

Green’s reasons for impeachment are laughable and should be outwardly mocked and condemned. All of the aforementioned “charges” are mere opinions and represent no actual wrong doing. Green’s actions represent everything that is wrong with the obstructionists in the Democratic Party who are still throwing a tantrum over Trump’s victory in the 2016 election.

The impeachment vote overwhelmingly failed. Democrats joined Republicans on Wednesday to dismiss an attempt to impeach President Donald Trump. Sadly, 58 Democrats supported the bid to consider impeachment over the objections of House Democratic leaders. The measure was viewed as a distraction in a Republican controlled Congress.

Fox News reported that the motion to sideline the measure — killing the effort — was approved 364-58, with four Democrats voting present.


How did Democrats respond?


Top Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer said Wednesday that now is not the time to impeach president Trump.

“Now is not the time to consider articles of impeachment,” they said.

“Congress faces a vast set of urgent, overdue priorities for the American people,” the Democratic leaders said in a joint statement. “Democrats are firmly focused on taking real, effective steps to improve the lives of hard-working Americans and defeating Republicans’ cruel barrage of attacks on the middle class.”



Pelosi and Hoyer then shifted gears and urged the Democratic Party to use its energy on protecting American families threatened by the GOP “tax scam.” The House and Senate have both passed tax reform bills and are working on hashing out the differences between the two. They hope to have legislation on President Trump’s desk before Christmas.

The move by Green is indicative of the obstructionist nature of those on the left who do not approve of Trump. They have never accepted the election results and are engaging in a temper tantrum of epic proportions.



Politicians like Representative Al Green should be ashamed of themselves.

Their outright defiance and fictitious manipulation of the law is dangerous for our country.

Instead of calling for Trump’s impeachment, perhaps someone in Congress should call for those who do not know the rules or regulations of their Congressional jobs – people like Al Green.

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