How to bounce back after a food binge

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We all know how way-too-full post-Christmas dinner feels. Yes, the pumpkin pie and eggnog were SO worth it, but now you feel stuffed and sluggish. Yuck.

A one time food binge doesn’t have to lead to feeling gross for days. Thankfully, there are things you can do to help you come back quickly! Here is your guide to bouncing back from a food binge.





You need to do some perspective restructuring as soon as possible. A food binge was something you allowed yourself to do OR it was a one time loss of self-control. It’s the holidays — whatever the cause, remind yourself that as long as it’s infrequent, it won’t kill you to eat way too much. Whatever you do, DON’T beat yourself up-that will set yourself up for failure when you’re NOT celebrating during the holidays.



Start drinking a lot of water and tea, not coffee or alcohol. I’m all for a great cup of coffee, but neither coffee nor alcohol are going to help you feel better. Water and tea (especially green) will help your digestive system and the rest of your body start working properly, and will help you feel well hydrated.

You also need to get moving. Now, going for a run right after a ton of food is probably not a good idea (been there, done that, never again). However, a brisk walk around the block, yoga, or my personal favorite, twisting ab exercises, will get your body back to working order and running like normal.


Eat Clean


Since your body took in so many carbs, fat, and sugar all at one time, it is really important to watch your meals for the next few days. Try to fill up on vegetables, fruits that are lower in sugar and higher in fiber, lean protein, and complex carbs (like sweet potatoes). Keeping a close watch on your food intake will help get your body back working great.

Get Moving


Now that you don’t feel absolutely stuffed, you can get an actual workout in! Go for a run or get some other sort of intense cardio going. If you don’t usually weight lift, now may be the time to start-lifting heavy weights can keep calorie burn going for longer.

What are you favorite tips for getting over the holiday food coma? Let HYPELINE know in the comments!
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