UPDATED: University of Tampa Professor Says GOP Deserves Hurricane Harvey

UPDATED: University of Tampa Professor Says GOP Deserves Hurricane Harvey

Meet Kenneth L. Storey, the latest professor to make a total idiot of himself on social media.

University of Tampa sociology professor and writer for the Orlando Weekly Kenneth L. Storey came into our crosshairs, today. Why? He said that Hurricane Harvey is exactly what the GOP-majority state of Texas deserves on social media.

Granted, Storey has every right to say and do as he pleases; however, the only stipulation that he appeared to overlook is that he is a professor and a public figure.

Observe Storey’s comments:

After calling the destructive weather phenomenon “karma” for the GOP voting for President Trump, Storey’s post was met with a flurry of social media outrage. Notably, Turning Point USA founder Charle Kirk was among the many to call out Storey on his comments over Twitter.

Here are a few other tweets of outrage:

Storey was quick to protect his tweets given the significant backlash he immediately received.

This Turning Point News reporter sent a request for comment to Mr. Storey in regards to his post on Twitter. The request is still pending as Storey has yet to respond to the request with his remarks. Stay tuned for updates.

My Take

Like pointed out above, Storey has every right to make an idiot out of himself. The aftermath of his idiocy carries a heavy weight–something he probably wasn’t considering.

First, Storey’s reference to Houston’s apparent karma associated with voting for a GOP president, or other GOP-leaning lawmakers, is wildly inaccurate. Houston is a very liberal city. Houston’s electoral dynamic is divided between republicans and democrats. To note, the mayor of Houston, Sylvester Turner, is a known Democrat serving in a nonpartisan capacity.

Second, Hurricane Harvey is quickly becoming one of the worst natural disasters in recent American history. According to the Weather Channel, Harvey has quickly become an incident that can’t be contained by the state alone. Texas Governor Gregg Abbott activated the state’s National Guard elements to help with disaster relief. The state government also reports that the death toll is up to either people. Of the eight, six are residents of the Houston-Harvey County area. Reports suggest that Houston received the worst of the storm with widespread flooding engulfing entire highways, buildings, and public transit.

Essentially, Storey’s “joke” is very insensitive to those directly and indirectly affected by Hurricane Harvey. He should maybe re-evaluate a few aspects of his own life if he is broadly (and inaccurately) characterising groups of people and making statements on such characterizations.

No one should ever have to deal with a disaster like this. Even you, Mr. Storey…

[H/T: Cam Harris]

Update – 8/28/2017, 4:34PM EST: 

The University of Tampa issued a statement on the tweet:

“The University of Tampa stands in solidarity with those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Any comments to the contrary are not shared by UT.”

Update – 8/28/2017, 4:37PM EST: 

Storey issued a statement directed to Cam Harris arguing that retweeting his remarks is a part of a “smear campaign.”

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