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University of Illinois’ student government sent a letter to Texas State University’s student government in support of their efforts to ban Turning Point USA from their college campus.

The letter, shared on the Illinois student government’s Facebook page and signed by the group’s president, vice president, and chief of staff, offers “thanks and support” for Texas State’s resolution.

The Texas state resolution calls for “the immediate removal and barring of Turning Point USA from Texas State University and suggest[s] protecting minority and marginalized populations from their negative campus influence.”

University of Illinois student government posted the letter of support on their Facebook page.

“Turning Point USA has a long history of harassment on campuses around the country,” the University of Illinois student government letter reads. “Specifically at the University of Illinois, they have publicly distributed the personal information of undocumented students, repeatedly harassed both fellow students as well as professors, built a wall on our main quad as part of a racist statement against Hispanic and Latinx individuals, and most recently held a ‘Hate Speech Is Free Speech’ event the same day as the Christchurch Mosque shooting.”

Turning Point hosted their “Hate Speech Is Free Speech” event nearly a day before the mosque shooting, according to the event page on Turning Point USA at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Facebook.

In a post on Turning Point USA at the University of Illinois’s Facebook page, Urbana-Champaign responded to the University of Illinois student government’s praise of Texas State attempting to ban the conservative group at Texas State, saying that to do so would be “unconstitutional.”

The Illinois Turning Point USA chapter further denied the allegations the student government set forth in its letter.

“It is shameful that the Illinois Student Government is endorsing this effort that violates the First Amendment”

Since the Texas State school administration blocked the attempt to ban their TPUSA chapter, the student government at University of Illinois has not commented on the situation.

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