Following President Trump’s Freedom of Speech Executive Order, “Improving Free Inquiry, Transparency, and Accountability at Colleges and Universities,” which was issued in March of 2019, a study had been conducted by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

Students were surveyed on a variety of questions pertaining to inclusivity, freedom of speech, hate speech, and the appropriateness of those within society.

Most students choose free speech over censorship. Yet, most students want to ban “hate speech.” 

The study surveyed 4,407 full-time college students enrolled in four-year degree programs. The purpose of the survey was to provide veritable opinions on diversity and inclusion programs that have become mandatory in several universities across the United States.

To counter this and to protect the rights of students under the First Amendment, several pieces of freedom of speech legislation have been incorporated in universities across the nation as well.

In one instance, Dr. Jordan Peterson, affiliate of Turning Point USA and frequent TPUSA conference speaker, has enacted freedom of speech policies at the University of Toronto where he professes.

According to Matthew Vadum of The Epoch Times, the study concludes that 53 percent of student respondents favor protecting free speech rights, while 46 percent say it is important to promote an inclusive and welcoming society.

At the same time, 58 percent of students agree with the statement that so-called hate speech should continue to be protected under the First Amendment, versus 41 percent who disagree.

TPUSA stands for all speech: hate speech is free speech. 

Turning Point USA is a firm advocate for speech of any sort- including hate speech. While hate speech is not condoned by many, the right to say essentially anything about any topic is a value unique to the American people clearly highlighted under the Constitution. Without this right, the United States would be no different than other countries who persecute their people for free thinking.

Standing by the freedom of speech, under any context, is the first step to upholding democracy.

More than half, approximately 53 percent, college students surveyed agreed with the statement that shouting speakers down is “always” or “sometimes” acceptable. Adversely, more than half, approximately 83 percent, students agreed that using violence is unacceptable. To college aged students, the line is drawn between raised voices and physical interaction.

According to the report, “more than six in 10 black students believe that inclusivity is more important than free speech, while 49 percent of Hispanic students believe the same thing. Just 42 percent of white students believe that inclusivity is more important than free speech.”

The key finding of the study is that more students preferred to not alter their speech to conform to others who may be sensitive, more than half of the students agreed that society is more sensitive now than ever.

Today’s political climate is changing for conservatives. 

As today’s political climate towards conservative students grows more hostile each day, the importance of transparency of student’s opinions on the freedom of speech and inclusivity is brought to light.

One of the key values of Turning Point USA is the freedom of speech and the right for every student on every campus in every state to have the right to state their opinion.

More about the study can be found here.

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