Is Colion Noir the NRA’s ‘Token’?

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Colion Noir is a strong advocate for our Second Amendment. For most people the fact that Noir is an African American means nothing, because really he’s just another person standing up for our gun rights. Twitter user @OtherTomJones decided that Noir was the NRA’s ‘token black guy’.

Noir fired back by asking: “Why does my race even need to be brought up if u can acknowledge my merit? You’re shaking my hand while stabbing me in the back.”

Twitter user Wilbert Allen decided he was going to jump into the fight in defense of Tom Jones. Allen tweeted that he can assure us that a lot of black gun owners feel unwelcome by the NRA. Now Noir retorted with the fact that “feel” is the operative word in that tweet. Nevertheless, Noir added how you can’t feel unwelcome if you’ve never been rejected. The NRA doesn’t reject people based on skin color… duh.

While a lot of people do think that Noir is just a token that the NRA has in their back pockets, a lot of people disagree. Alas, one person tweeted that Tom Jones is just some white dude that talks down to others. 

As a result to all of this the point is: The true Second Amendment advocates do not care about skin color. It means nothing. The NRA isn’t giving out cookies to their members based on skin color. Look at it this way, guns are colorblind, and so is the NRA. Being white doesn’t mean you have to love guns, just as being black doesn’t mean you have to hate guns.

Come on people, let’s get serious; the NRA welcomes any and all who support 2A. Plain and simple. However, having the audacity to call someone a ‘token’ because they don’t fit your traditional narrative is unnecessary.

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