James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Veritas, shared his views on the ‘corrupt’ mainstream media on March 5 with the University of Georgia’s TPUSA chapter.

The Red and Black reports, “The recent defamation lawsuit against The Washington Post by Nick Sandmann’s family, where the family alleges The Washington Post “targeted and bullied” Sandmann, was one of several examples used by O’Keefe to explain his sentiments.”

During his speech at UGA, O’Keefe criticized news outlets such as the Washington Post and the New York Times, saying, “we’re talking about an existential crisis in the country, where journalism is extinct.”  This being said in the context of the Nick Sandmann story.

Erin Cooke, the president of UGA’s Turning Point USA chapter and a senior political science major agreed with O’Keefe that media malpractice does exist:

“We all have biases within us, and I would like to see a media culture of journalists who are driven to write about what they see happen from all points of view.”


“She expressed her concern for people knowing about what’s going on in mainstream media,” writes the Red and Black, “and said she believes his findings because of the nature of his investigations, where he uploads the video interactions with institutions.”

At the event, many students involved did not believe the validity of O’Keefe’s evidence, “they believe he edits his videos in a misleading fashion,” reports the Red and Black.

O’Keefe argued that most journalists edit their interviews or recording and do not release the full, undoctored tapes.

“If the media was doing their job, we wouldn’t need people like me.” 

Many students and critics of O’Keefe believe he is not a real journalist, explains the Red and Black.  They say that he “operates on a partisan basis.” O’Keefe says that this is reason the media ‘hates’ him, because he investigates the left side of the story.


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