Jay-Z’s “99 Problems But the Truth Ain’t One”

Jay-Z’s “99 Problems But the Truth Ain’t One”

Everyone has been invited to Jay-Z’s “big, nice mansion.” At least that’s the message Jay-Z spews in an appearance on BBC Radio 1.

Mega entertainer was speaking about his disdain for the President of the United States. A Hollywood elitist speaking their disdain for President Trump. Shocker, I know.

During his appearance, Jay-Z made the following proclamation:

“Until everyone is free, no one is free. Period. That’s just a fact,” Jay Z said. “We are all linked some kind of way. So if you oppress a certain people, everyone is in danger, karmically and in real life,” he said. “If I’m being oppressed and you have this big, nice mansion, I’m coming inside there. That’s gonna happen, that’s just how life is.”

That sounds like an invite to me! Pack your bags and make your way to his $26 million Hamptons Estate!

So, apparently, oppression in America turned on like a light switch and that date was January 20, 2017. Oddly though, Jay-Z did not apply this logic to his very own Made in America tour a few weeks ago during Labor Day weekend in Philadelphia. Based on his quote, one must be “oppressed” to gain admission to nice things. As a white male, obviously I have been eliminated from consideration of being oppressed; we all know white males live in a mythical fairyland where wealth is handed to them, with houses and any other convenience they could ask for. However, Jay-Z alludes to black people being oppressed. Well, there were no special “oppressed black people” ticket lanes with free admission at the Made in America tour. Does that make Jay-Z a liar? A hypocrite? A propagandist? A demagogue?

It sounds like there may be ’99 problems’ to Jay-Z’s stance ‘but the truth ain’t one.’

Let’s all keep in mind that Jay-Z, the paradigm of virtue and equality, god of anti-oppression, has recently been accused of anti-Semitic stereotypes in his latest album, “4:44.” Furthermore, one of his most famed lyrics (and the one parodied above) says: “99 Problems but a b**** ain’t one….” Do I even have to highlight the sheer hypocrisy in all of this?

Let’s keep it real, shall we? Jay-Z – and people of his ilk – make these comments because of one thing: President Trump is a White Republican. That’s it. No other fact, rhyme or reason. If you find yourself questioning this assertion, allow me to provide a quote from Jay-Z about President George W. Bush – another white Republican:

“I 100% agreed with the comments that he made, because again… it felt like it was being done to black people. Like all you saw on the news was black people with help signs… and then you have this picture of the commander in chief, who we all rely on, just flying by… Just the fact that [George W. Bush] thinks that the worst thing that happened to him is Kanye saying something about him… That alone shows you where his mind is.”

So, the only two Republican presidents during Jay-Z’s prominence and he coincidentally calls them racist. Meanwhile, the candidate who is on record as labelling black youth as “super predators,” considered former KKK leader Senator Robert Byrd a “mentor” among many other things, are exempt from such scathing comments.

Of course, the main problem of Jay-Z’s statement is his “Until everyone is free, no one is free. Period.” In 2017, in the United States of America, everyone is free. THAT is just a fact. While that was not always the case in our history, as of today, no one is oppressed. NO ONE.

If you have an ounce of objectivity, honesty and pragmatism, these qualities may not grant you admission to Jay-Z’s mansion, but they will allow you to see no one in our country is currently oppressed. No ethnic group is turned down for jobs based on their ethnicity. No ethnic group is turned down from colleges based on their ethnicity. No ethnic group is turned down from banking loans based on their ethnicity. No ethnic group is turned down from attending schools based on their ethnicity.  These awful things happened in the past. They do not occur today.

There is wealth inequality but that affects people of all ethnicities. The white people that are poor face the same challenges that people of color who are poor face. And while some have a head start in life because of their families’ wealth, that is just life. Nothing is fair. Mainly, the reason for the income disparity among the masses – not all the time but certainly a lot of times – are the choices people make in their lives. These choices affect their future. When they do not make it, it is easiest to blame “oppression” or things like “white privilege”.

Any suggestion of “oppression” occurring in the United States today is either ignorance or propagandist. It is most certainly not the truth. These grand declarations of oppression only exist to rally a base for a political party and to make excuses for people envious and jealous of socioeconomic statuses above their own. Entertainers such as Jay-Z that have a large platform and following to make these declarations are often the biggest hypocrites. They will gladly accept the money of people they feel are “oppressors” to better off their own lives and do nothing to assist the “oppressed” they claim are so downtrodden.

Ask any of the “oppressed” living in Philadelphia, if they were given free tickets to Jay-Z’s Made in America concert.

Class warfare. Otherwise known as Marxism. Maybe “Sickle and Hammer” can be the name of his next album.

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