On the night of June 6th, over a thousand young conservative women jumped to their feet to welcome Judge Jeanine Pirro to the stage of Turning Point USA’s YWLS 2019.  She took the stage and smiled at all of the attendees, and prepared to deliver to them her story.

Jeanine Pirro, better known as Judge Jeanine, was an attorney who worked for the District Attorney’s Office in Westchester County, New York.  She told the attendees that during the time she was at the DA’s office, she encountered sexism firsthand. It was 1975 when she first started working for the DA’s office.

Since they didn’t think she could try a case because she was a woman, her fellow attorneys decided to stick her in appeals court, and said that, “they said you can’t try cases because you’re a woman.”

All of the trial attorneys there at the time were men, and nobody thought that she would be good enough to try a case.  Pirro told the attendees that she decided that she wanted to become a trial attorney, and she made a plan how to.

She said that what she did was offer to stand in for one of the male attorneys at trial, but leave his name on the paperwork. She won that trial, and she continued to do this until people noticed her, and noticed that she had never lost a case.

“I didn’t beg or complain about it, i just did it”

After she proved to everyone that she was good enough to win trials, she wanted to try murder cases. Jeanine said that everyone thought that a woman would be too soft, and not, “tough enough to go for the throat.”

Well, after trying murder cases, Judge Jeanine earned her title as Judge, as she was elected as the first female judge of Westchester County.

When Judge Jeanine said this, the crowd of women in Dallas cheered her on.  But, they weren’t done, because when Jeanine announced that she became DA, they clapped some more.

Jeanine was also the first woman to become the DA of Westchester County, and was then in charge of the very people who thought that because she was a woman, she couldn’t try trials.

She went on to talk about the future of America, and talk about modern politics.  Judge Pirro commented on the continued censorship of Christians in America.

“This is America! This is not a country where you can tell us not to be christians! This country was founded on judeo-christian values!”

From there, she continued on to talk about how the right to practice a religion is similar to the right to bear arms, in that they are both “given by God.”

“Who the hell are you to tell me what kind of gun I can have or how many bullets I can have? Who the hell are you? That is a God given right,” Jeanine added. “Washington didn’t give that to me.”

Judge Jeanine closed by thanking all of the attendees for what they are doing, and telling them that, “you are the future of America.”

“God bless you, and God bless America!”

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