Justice with Judge Jeanine, a segment on FOX News, hosted Charlie Kirk on May 4 to discuss a prominent threat within society: censorship on social media and the freedom of speech.

Charlie Kirk, Founder of Turning Point USA, is a known advocate for freedom of speech. His organization, Turning Point USA, continues to further the first amendment as a significant value.

“These social media companies have such a monopoly on the audience that people need to communicate with. People like you, people like me…They [social media companies] are using their globalization, their monopoly in a way to exert their power to have a singular leftist conversation not a true marketplace of ideas.”

In a recent incident, a source from within Facebook told Breitbart News that they keep a list of “Hate Agents” for monitoring. On this list are many prominent Conservative social media influencers.

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This is exactly the type of abuse of power that Charlie Kirk and Jeanine Pirro were talking about in the video.

Most of the conservative influencers are on the list to be monitored, as many technology pundits believe conservative speech to be hate speech. This bias goes against what social media platforms are meant to be. This action makes influencers fearful to take a conservative stance, fearing backlash from the media platforms themselves.

In the video, Kirk states, “The type of censorship that happens on college campuses is now happening in Silicon Valley.”

Turning Point USA is known to be a proponent of free speech, and fighting to ensure free speech on social media, now the most connective force in the world, is a logical stance for the TPUSA founder to take.

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