Kaito Kryvenchuk: Parents Refused To Abort Boy In Spite Of Tumor

Kaito Kryvenchuk: Parents Refused To Abort Boy In Spite Of Tumor

When Kaito Kryvenchuk was still in the womb, doctors detected a large tumor and advised his parents to abort him as his chance of survival was slim. After much consideration, the couple decided to give their son a chance. Six years later, Kaito is doing extremely well and continues to surpass all expectations.

Kaito was born with a massive tumor


PC: Gary Lerude/Flickr

The story began back in 2011 when Canadian couple Charles and Tamami discovered that they were expecting a child. During one of their routine ultrasounds, the doctors discovered a massive tumor known as a cervical teratoma. A cervical teratoma is a large tumor that grows inside the neck of an infant. While this tumor is noncancerous, it can grow to be massive and make it impossible for newborn infants to breathe. Such was the case for Kaito as doctors predicted that he would not survive after his birth. They recommended an abortion since their hospital did not handle such births. Kaito’s case was extremely rare with only one out of 40,000 to 50,000 babies with tumors like Kaito’s who survive.

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While devastated, Charles and Tamami were determined to do everything they could to help their son. After countless hours conducting research and seeking other opinions, Charles finally spoke with professionals at Boston Children’s Hospital who informed him of a procedure that would allow their son to be born. Next, Charles spoke with surgeons at Toronto’s Mt. Sinai Hospital who agreed to do the procedure.

6 years later, Kaito has grown into a happy first grader

Mount Sinai Hosp in Toronto (PC: Nephron/Wikimedia Commons)

Kaito was born on August 5th, 2011. The couple chose the name Kaito because it translates to “strong samurai” in Japanese. Kaito was born with a 0.68-kilogram cervical teratoma in his neck, which was a fifth of his total birth weight.

Six years after his birth, Kaito has grown into a happy child who loves life. The only sign of the cervical teratoma is a scar on the left side of his face which makes it impossible for him to smile or blink on that side. “He’s stubborn, he’s a fast runner, he loves math, he loves games, he loves being competitive,” Charles said in a statement with Metro News CA. During the past 14 months, Kaito has had three surgeries. His parent’s hope that he will eventually gain the use of the left side of his face. “He’s tired of surgeries. He’s experienced pain, lots of it,” Charles said. His parents said that Kaito is a kind and caring person who cares about others. He has blessed their lives and continues to surpass doctors’ expectations.

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