Kentucky House pushes through right-to-work bill

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FRANKFORT, KY — The Kentucky House of Representatives has finally passed a long awaited right-to-work bill. If signed into law, this bill would make it illegal for workers to be forced to join unions or pay union dues to keep a job.

This bill, filed as HB1, has been a priority for Republicans for many years, but has failed due to a Democratic majority in the House for almost a century. However, Republicans gained a supermajority on November 8th allowing the bill to pass with a 58-39 majority vote.

Opponents of the bill say that it will weaken labor unions’ bargaining power which might lead to a lower wage. However, many emphasize that passing right-to-work legislation will attract more jobs to Kentucky.

House Speaker Jeff Hoover said the legislature will likely hold a rare Saturday session to make sure the bill reaches Gov. Matt Belvin’s desk before taking a three-week recess. If the bill passes the Republican controlled Senate, as expected, it will be the 27th state to pass right-to-work legislation.

Here are some reactions to the bill:

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