On March 2, President Donald Trump announced live at CPAC that he will be signing an executive order to mandate free speech on college campuses.  Charlie Kirk, Founder of Turning Point USA, wrote in a recent Op-Ed that the President’s speech was the “moment I’ve been waiting for.”

Kirk goes on to state,

“Big universities and big government have been joined at the hip for decades and everyone from administrators to students have been fairly free to attack conservatives without much fear of reprisal. This executive order can change all of that.”

Kirk wishes this executive order will “address the intolerance and repression on college campuses that is experienced by conservative students and organizations.”  “This kind of thuggery from students, activists, professors, and administration officials,” Kirk says, “is the exact reason I formed TPUSA back in 2012.”

As he knows, “colleges are the production center of globalist ideas, of socialist ideas, and of general propaganda on anything from climate change to identity politics.”  Kirk believes that the because the President drew attention to this epidemic on college campuses, it “can be a complete game-changer.”

The founder notes that his organization, TPUSA, has been targeted by hostility since the beginning:

“Since TPUSA started we have experienced aggression in almost every form.  We have had universities deny our charters, we have had our students at information tables called racists and other vile terms, we have had our representatives threatened with violence.”

While the Left has been warmongering Kirk and his activists, he states that TPUSA activists have been taught to not retaliate. “When universities deny us our rightful place as a campus organization, we work with counsel to fight the battle within appropriate channels,” he explained.

Kirk outlines the university way of indoctrination and how it “produce[s] graduating class after class that goes out into the world determined to right the many wrongs of the United States.”

Indoctrination is subsequently the opposite of what TPUSA stands for, says Kirk:

“At TPUSA, like with other campus-based organizations focused on liberty and free markets, we don’t want to indoctrinate anybody. We just want to be free to engage in the world of ideas. We are confident that if given that opportunity, we will win the engagement.”

Kirk makes clear that if the President has any questions or is in need of any input for this executive order, he would proudly help: “I’ve got a couple of ideas worth sharing.”


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