Jared Kushner to become senior advisor to Trump

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The presidential transition team announced Monday that Jared Kushner, who is Donald Trumps son in law and one of his top campaign advisors, will serve in the White House.

Kushner laid out the campaign’s data strategy in an interview with Forbes following Trump’s win. They focused on social media publicity rather than a more traditional television and online advertisement approach.

“I called some of my friends from Silicon Valley, some of the best digital marketers in the world, and asked how you scale this stuff,” Kushner told the Forbes. His strategy proved quite successful.


Trump has bragged that he spent less money than Hillary Clinton’s campaign. According to a CNBC analysis, Hillary’s campaign committee spent a total of $565 million dollars by the time election day came around while Trump had only spent a mere $322 million. Kushner also touted to Forbes that the campaign was incredibly frugal.

Trump said in a statement:

“Jared has been a tremendous asset and trusted advisor throughout the campaign and transition and I am proud to have him in a key leadership role in my administration. He has been incredibly successful, in both business and now politics. He will be an invaluable member of my team as I set and execute an ambitious agenda, putting the American people first.”

Kushner showed his appreciation for the offer stating that,

“It is an honor to serve our country. I am energized by the shared passion of the President-elect and the American people and I am humbled by the opportunity to join this very talented team.”

Kushner, like his father-in-law, will be declining monetary compensation for his public service and plans to remove himself from his business life so that no conflicts of interest arise

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