What I learned from Breitbart: The hypocrisy of the news

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The mainstream media is always bashing the website, Breitbart. Everywhere I look, it seems as if there is an inherent problem with the website. For a long time, I just accepted this fact and moved on. However, I decided to visit the website, just to confirm or deny my biased suspicions of it. What I found was not what I was expecting.

Firstly, I was afraid to open the website. I felt the same sinking in my stomach that I had when I used to think of Republicans (now I am one, LOL). Unfortunately, I was going into this experience incorrectly. All of the media around me showed that this website was especially nasty and alt-right.

For those that don’t know, being considered alt-right means that your political views are far-right and reject mainstream conservatism. The alt-right is associated with white supremacy and neo-nazism. Overall, it was not a group that I (or my internet history) wanted to join. Finally, I mustered up the courage and clicked the link.

My initial review of the website is that it is very jumbled. The home page alone made me overwhelmed. However, if you can get past that, the website itself is not as bad as I was anticipating. From what I read, the articles themselves were not overly opinionated. That being said, I did stick to the major political stories and steered clear of the Hollywood articles.

Breitbart is allegedly one of the most politically controversial websites, so I expected to see, well, more controversy. While some of the articles written did make me cringe, I found that the majority of them were rather informative. There were even articles that covered storied the mainstream media would NEVER mention. This only speaks to the hypocrisy of the news. I expected a website that was hateful, but only because the media told me to do so. They protest fake news but perpetuate it in the same breath. I won’t subscribe to the website by any means, but I think it is important to note that the website that the left loves to hate is not as bad as they proclaim.

Every American should be in the business of learning, regardless of the source. Even if you don’t agree with the vast majority of Breitbart’s articles, it is still important to seek out the information for yourself, instead of the mainstream telling you their twisted version of the truth.

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