Lessons Anyone Can Learn from Donald Trump

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Love him or hate him Donald Trump is an incredibly successful businessman. In his book Think Big and Kick Ass in Business and Life, authored by Donald Trump and Bill Zanker. Donald Trump teaches his readers how to be a success, which is something we should all strive for.

Looking to Trump now, he is the President-Elect of the United States and will assume the presidency on January 20th. You too can be like Donald Trump and be a winner through passion, instincts, momentum and focus. If we all follow these points and think big we can all kick ass, be winners and successful, just like Trump!

First, Passion, passion, passion. When you are passionate about anything at all you have a drive to work harder and get better at it. Trump has stated, “without passion life lacks luster”. A career may appeal to you because of the pay or benefits that come along with it, but if you do not love what you do it becomes work; it will be incredibly hard to get out of bed in the morning if you don’t look forward to your job.

If you dread it, it does not draw you in and you do not put yourself into your work; it will lack your love and devotion. Mr. Trump has also said, “You have to love what you do or you will never be successful no matter what you do in life” So how can apply this to your life? 

First, find your passion.

If you choose competitively, saturated field how are you going to be a success? You have to work hard, be creative, and work things to your advantage. You have to make yourself standout whether in a positive, creative way through marketing techniques, or a controversial way like Donald Trump by calculating your actions with a sense of consequence.

Looking back to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign he plays the media in such a way that allows him get HUGE amounts of coverage for free. In a recent interview he said, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters.”

While that is a controversial statement he made, he used the media in a creative way to get coverage, and promotion. But how can you do that as well, you just have to be creative and let your passion be shown, leave no room for doubt that you are solid in your career decision. If you love what you do and that is evident, people will notice.


Second, think big! 

When are you are deciding on goals you need to think big but they have to be realistic, for example, when parents tell their children they can do anything they’re are being unrealistic. Their kids will grow up to believe they are entitled to success without trying, they will find out the world is more difficult than you made it seem, and if they cannot get something right away they quit. You have to build things for yourself and you can’t expect it to come easily.

In real life success, things are not handed to you, your success is not guaranteed. But that doesn’t mean you don’t set goals and expectations for yourself, you still need something to work towards. Be a skeptical optimist. 


Third, get out of your comfort zone.

To get out of your comfort zone you have to set goals, realistic of course. Your goals will drive you and force you to do things you are not used to and challenge you. To challenge yourself you need to be competitive not only with others but with yourself, trying to be the best you can. The challenges you face will lead you to places outside your comfort zone. 


Finally, you have to take action.

If you have your dreams and goals your next step will be to do them, which can be daunting, but not nearly as much if they are realistic goals. You can’t just sit around a wait for opportunities to come to you this is where getting out of your comfort zone will come in handy. You have to go out a make them happen through hard work, research and digging deep to find new possibilities. As Trump says, “Be a doer not a dreamer.”

Now you must learn to follow your basic instincts. Sometimes you have to go against what people advise, you have to learn to take risk, and go with your gut. It can be terrifying if you’re putting things such as your career or money on the line, but it can make all the difference. When you take risk you have to be conscious of the consequences that can come, even small decisions can impact your life significantly and you may find yourself in opportunities you never knew were possible. Start small with your risk, and you’ll learn to trust yourself and your gut. A gut feeling can come in handy if you’re making important decisions and you should use it.

Trump says ,“You get your biggest successes when you go against the tide.”

Looking to Trump once more, he decided to run for the presidency although he had not political experience, going against what is typical of candidates running for president. Before the Iowa Caucus Trump chose to not participate in the GOP Debate, hosted by Fox News, he instead held his own event.

In the end, Trump took 2nd, but he still remained at the top of polls. Remember, “You just can’t sit around waiting for the deals, opportunities, or a lucky break.”

In the long run taking a risk with the help of your gut can make a world of a difference, you may find opportunities that you never knew were possible and you can grow yourself personally and professionally.

Lastly, take your passion and basic instincts and add focus and momentum. You have to have the drive to accomplish your goals. Start small by getting your foot in the door with internships and volunteering. As you get more involved your momentum grows, people will notice, and you will gain contacts and references. It is crucial that you maintain focus and energy to achieve your goals, you can’t settle for mediocre, your progress always needs to be growing. 

If surprises occur you have to be like a buoy and adjust to swells in the water, if you are too focused and it will hurt you, you may look over opportunities that come your way. Events may come along that are unplanned and unexpected, but if you are flexible and keep your focus and motivation you will be able to properly adjust to what comes your way.

Trump has said, “Life is unpredictable, the world is unpredictable, and there’s no reason our goals should keep us from changing and growing along with it, focus on the evolving world.”

So as the world changes you and your goals should too. Keep your goals big and focus on turning them into realities

By following the advice in Think Big and Kick Ass in Business and Life, authored by Donald Trump and Bill Zanker. You too can become a success like Donald Trump by following this advice and reading his book. You can achieve your goals through passion, instincts, momentum and focusing.

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