LGBT Taking Over Christmas: Gay Santa Claus And Nativity Are Not Historically Accurate

LGBT Taking Over Christmas: Gay Santa Claus And Nativity Are Not Historically Accurate

It seems that the LBGT community will stop at nothing to push their agenda onto others. Social media has been going crazy for a gay nativity or “Gaytivity,” and a new picture book featuring Santa with his new husband. Gay Santa and the “Gaytivity” seem great for the LGBT community and many people are thinking what’s the big deal? However, they are historically inaccurate and bash Christianity.

The story of St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas nativity
by Nheyob
Wikimedia Commons

St. Nicholas, also known as Nikolaos of Myra, was born in the fourth century in Asia Minor in the Roman Empire. He was born as the only child of Catholic parents. Showing a love for others and God at an early age, his parents taught him the ways of the Catholic faith. When Nicholas was a young man, both of his parents tragically died during an epidemic. This left Nicholas wealthy and in the care of his uncle, the Bishop of Patara, who later ordained Nicholas a priest.  Determined to use his money and time to help others, Nicholas found a use for his wealth when he donated some to a man lost in poverty. The man was so poor and desperate that he was going to sell his three daughters into prostitution.

With a love for all people and children, Nicholas did all he could to help those around him. He became the Bishop of Myra before he was imprisoned and tortured for his Catholic faith. He was released and died later, unmarried. Later, the saint would become known as Santa Claus. St. Nicholas was a Catholic Bishop which would make it impossible for him to be gay and married. So, in actuality, the legend of Mrs. Claus is inaccurate. Also, St. Nicholas was of Greek descent which would have made him not white or black, but olive skinned. This is the reason why there should never be a black Santa.

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The Nativity

Refinery 29 posted the picture of two Joseph’s on their website along with the question: “What if it wasn’t Mary and Joseph who met their child that night, but instead Murray and Joseph? Or Marty and Joseph?”

As we all know, the Nativity depicts the true event of Jesus’s birth. Mary and Joseph were both present and to have anyone other than them depicted as Jesus’s parents in modern-day Nativity displays is inaccurate and blasphemous. It’s one thing to be in support of same-sex marriage but another to take a holy event and turn it into a political statement, thus mocking religion and displaying a historical event in an inaccurate way. Those who are in support of the “Gaytivity” can’t understand what the big deal is. One supporter, @starkidhope, even commented that Jesus did have two fathers. However, this statement is false as Jesus did not have two fathers. Joseph was his stepfather and was there for Jesus and Mary’s protection. While Joseph was supportive of Mary, he did not play a part in Jesus’s conception.

In addition to the “Gaytivity”, @Rogue_MrsLady posted on Twitter her idea of having a “Lestivity” with two Mary’s. In the picture, there are two Mary’s watching over baby Jesus who is clothed in a rainbow pride blanket. This is her version of the “Gaytivity” otherwise known as the “Lestivity”.

It saddens me to think that the LGBT community who are always demanding respect have so little for religion and are willing to slander our Savior’s birth to forward their agenda.