Liberal Law Professor Rejects Claims of Trump Obstructing Justice

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Liberals aren’t going to be happy about this one.

A George Washington University law professor recently rejected any claims that President Trump committed obrstruction of justive by reportedly asking James Comey to end the FBI’s probe into Gen. Michael Flynn’s brief tenure as national security advisor.

Many leftists have argued that Trump’s actions are an obstruction of justice.

However, liberal law professors Jonathan Turley commented to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough that he doesn’t think “this makes out an obstruction case.”

“There are dozens of different variations of obstruction charges ranging from threatening witnesses to influencing jurors. None would fit this case,” Turley wrote in an op-ed published Tuesday by The Hill.

“The account suggests that Comey was so concerned about the conversation that he wrote a memorandum for record. But that would suggest that Comey thought the president was trying to influence the investigation but then said nothing to the Justice Department or to his investigation team,” Turley wrote.

(H/T The Blaze)

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