Liberals Monopolize Political Speaking At UVM; 2 Out Of 51 Were Conservative

Liberals Monopolize Political Speaking At UVM; 2 Out Of 51 Were Conservative

Liberal speakers completely monopolized the political events on campus at the University of Vermont during the 2016-2017 school year. Just two out of the 51 political speakers were conservative, while five others could not be definitively categorized.

44 out of 51 political speakers were liberals this past year at the University of Vermont, accounting for 86 percent. Campus Reform handed out surveys around campus that revealed the lack of variety among political speakers at this northeastern college.

The events that the political speakers were present at varied from teach-ins on Inauguration Day to school commencement ceremonies. Some of the speakers were well-versed in public policies regarding environmental or foreign relations issues, while others were just politicians who spoke on campus about non-partisan subjects.

The only two outwardly conservative political public speakers were Sam Mariscal and Steve Camarota.

Sam Mariscal works for the Leadership Institute, which is an organization that trains conservatives in campaigning, fundraising, grassroots organizing, and political technology, according to their website.

The school’s liberal speakers included renowned climate theorist Elizabeth Kolbert and a speechwriter for President Jimmy Carter named James Fallows. These public speakers spoke about topics like “The Case for Open Borders” and “Our Future in the Trump Administration.”

elizabeth kolbert liberal speaker at uvm
PC: [Climate theorist Elizabeth Kolbert spoke at UVM during the 2016-2017 school year.]
The Campus Reform survey clearly uncovered some bias when it comes to scheduling political speakers for the school’s events on campus.

A report was published back in 2010 on Vermont’s Independence Voice titled: “UVM Liberal Bias? No Duh.”

1. Liberal student groups outnumber conservative groups six to two.

2. Freshmen are subjected to mandatory classes on racism and multiculturalism.

3. UVM professors vote overwhelmingly Democrat.

Clearly, this issue of political bias has been prevalent on UVM’s campus for many years now but will something finally be done?


The University of Vermont had not provided a comment to the media regarding this story at the time of publication.

Do you think the new survey, revealing that 86% of the political speakers were liberal, will change anything on UVM’s campus? Let us know in the comments section below.