Laci Williams is a junior enrolled at Colorado University in Denver in the Political Science department. When not studying or at class, she interns for State Rep. Rod Bockenfeld (R–CO). Williams is also Turning Point USA’s chapter president at CU Denver.

Williams was recently featured in the MSU Denver student newspaper, where she explained her conservative values as an “elephant in the room.”

Compared to other students at her liberal university, she sticks out like a sore thumb, sitting behind a folding table accompanied by signs that proudly state, “Big Government Sucks!” and “Socialism sucks!” on them.

Williams, unlike many other college students, is open about her conservative ideology.
She does not want to hind them and, in fact, she wants only to speak up.

“I’ve always been a very independent person,” Williams explains. “I don’t know if that ties into being a conservative and being an individual, but I just need to do things on my own time. I love Poli-Sci at CU Denver, but we’re learning the same thing over and over again. I’m bored. It’s Marxist, Marxist, Marxist. I’m not challenged anymore.”

While the CU-Denver TPUSA chapter is one of seven in Colorado, Williams is eager to make her chapter the best!

Beyond academia, she hopes to take her experience of chapter president, along with her new degree, straight to TPUSA headquarters in Arizona for a national position. Williams can see herself becoming a politician, but as far as working for the government is concerned, that is out of the question.

“I don’t trust the government. I’m a conservative, so why would I want to work for them?”

Williams wants to make an impact in her field of study. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of Expressions Magazine, a conservative, lifestyle, politics, and pop culture news publication. However, starting at Turning Point USA is often controversial for many politically inclined students. She is managing quite well!

On April 6, Williams hosted an event with her TPUSA chapter with notable conservative social media influencers. 

Originally, her plan was to host Austin Fletcher, best known for “Fleccas Talks.” Instead, Williams managed to add three more guests to the show: Rogan O’Handley of the Instagram account “D.C. Draino,” Elijah Schaffer of the YouTube channel “Slightly Offens*ve,” and Grant Godwin of the Facebook page and Twitter account “Typical Liberal.”

The event was just as Williams had hoped. The four influencers debated topics such as the deep state, socialism, and President Donald Trump.

With over 30 people in attendance, Williams finally had proof that her chapter was making an impact on campus:

“Basically the goal of today was to draw a crowd over 25 people. Our past events, they were a bit rough,” she said. “We’re having all these conversations right now kind of after the event and we’re an hour over what we’re supposed to be right now. That was the goal, to start these conversations and look at how many of them are happening right now.”

The way Williams describes her daily life on campus, being a conservative is difficult. 

Conservative students and fellow TPUSA activists have confessed to her that they feel silenced in the classroom. One student admitted that because of his right-of-center views, he has received a “D” grade on a paper instead of an “A.”

Williams was not surprised by this, however. She spoke of a time when she was one of two conservative students in a political science class.

What’s more, Williams was a victim of the same educational crime. She once wrote a paper stating that, as a conservative, she wishes to know what her tax dollars are allocated for. Her professor commented on the paper, saying, “…interesting take…”

The professor preceded to give her a “C” grade on the basis of the paper being “too personal.”

Her debates with leftist classmates and peers was expected of her, she explained. But, Williams was not ready for such indoctrination on a professional level. Her and her professors disagree quite often, leading her to compromise her own beliefs and put on a mask for teachers.

“I basically lied the whole way through my paper and it should never have to be that way. I wrote it that, you know, as a woman I’m oppressed, you know, and everybody in this country is oppressed unless you’re a white, straight male,” Williams said. “And I just read it that way ‘cause I was tired of speaking my piece.”

Tabling is a place for conflict. 

As a weekly tradition, Williams recruits new members every Tuesday from noon to 2PM. As MET Media explains, if any students hasn’t seen Williams on campus, they have most likely seen another student arguing with her over her unapologetic right-wing views.

Williams states that she prefers to table inside, however. It provides a sense of safety for her and a sense of awareness for students who may want to argue. When she recruits outside, on the other hand, it’s open season.

Brett Smith, a member of the Denver chapter of Young Democratic Socialists of America, was the latest person willing to debate the TPUSA chapter. What started as arguing over the labeling of North Korea as a communist country devolved into screaming, shouting – a heated debate.

But Williams and other Turning Point USA activists shrugged it off. This wouldn’t have been the first time Smith stopped by and these arguments happen – it has happened nearly every other week.

“I’m used to it now. It’s kind of sad,” said MSU Denver student Jacob Capps. “I used to get it in high school all the time. I get the same things, it depends on the time, depends on the people.”

Williams noted almost the same response, but she was looking at it through a different lens. The chapter president elucidated that her motives are far less vindictive; she simply wants a civil debate – something she rarely ever gets.

“You know, we could talk about ideas in a more civilized manner, but I never get that chance,” Williams said. “‘Hey, that, you know, you make some good points. Yep. This is where I’m coming from.’ And I never quite get to that point because they either storm off or we have to have security because it becomes a problem.”

At the close of the two hour shift, her and her fellow conservative activists pack up their things and begin the rest of the day, just like every other college student.

While she may have different political views, her goal is the same: make a mark on this world.
According to Williams, just last week her TPUSA chapter was nominated for Outstanding Student Organization on the CU Denver campus. “We are for sure making an even bigger impact than even last year,” Williams proudly stated.

When Williams first went to college, she knew that she was conservative. She could never truly figure out why, however. It wasn’t until 2017 that she fully understood why.

Williams attended Turning Point USA’s 2017 Young Women’s Leadership Summit. There, she attentively listened to Charlie Kirk’s speech, the founder and CEO of TPUSA.

“All of the sudden things just clicked and I wanted to bring that message to my college campus and help others figure out why they believe what they believe,” she said.

For other students affected by left-wing bias on campus, Williams offers a few words to you:

“To other students, I say stick in it, fight hard and do your research. If it means you miss a few college parties so be it. These are ideas that will transcend time you will forget about the party you missed. These ideas will stay with you forever,” Williams encouragingly said.

Turning Point USA proudly stands for the founding principle of America: the principles of freedom, free markets, and limited government. Williams proudly stands for those values as well, and she will not let leftists on campus stop her!

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