Like Hillary, Nancy Pelosi had more defectors during voting

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It seems the Democratic party is not following the “Stronger Together” plan. During the yesterday’s vote for Speaker of the House, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi had more defectors than Congressman Paul Ryan.

While Paul Ryan was re-elected for the position, he only had one vote against him. Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie voted for Florida Rep. Daniel Webster.

However on the Democrats side, a total of four congressmen did not vote for Rep. Pelosi.

Ohio’s Tim Ryan received two votes, while Tennessee’s Jim Cooper and Georgia’s John Lewis each received one vote.

The voting pattern matches when the official electoral college voting occurred.

While there was a impromptu movement to get Republican electoral college voters to not vote for President-elect Donald Trump, which included a celebrity-filled video starring Martin Sheen, Hillary Clinton had more defectors than Donald Trump.

Three votes went to former secretary of State Colin Powell. Another vote was casted for Faith Spotted Eagle, who is a Native American environmental activist.

Only two electors did not vote for Trump.


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