Charlie Kirk, the founder and CEO of Turning Point USA, believes in “Conservatarian.” In short, this ideologue is the nexus of conservatism and libertarianism. He believes citizens should be able to do what they please with only the necessary and proper amount go government interference.

Above all, Kirk believes in the American experiment:

“I believe that America is the greatest country to ever exist in the history of the world. I see such a rise of anti-Americanism in our country. It seems that some members of Congress say more negative things about America than positive.”

In the newest episode of “The Charlie Kirk Show,” Kirk shared why he believes what he so strongly believes in. Simply, he determined his views through the Holy Bible. “Everything that guides my life and everything that guides my politics starts from the idea that we are broken people,” Kirk explained.

Kirk proudly believes in the authenticity of the Holy Bible, saying that what Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John all address provide a path for him to follow.

Kirk continues on to talk about the America experiment and our current climate:

“Is America a perfect country? Absolutely not. We had slavery at one point, women couldn’t vote, there’s still a huge systematic problems in our country, but we are the greatest country to ever exist. We are the most benevolent, the most charitable, the most accepting, the most productive. For example, we bring in half of the world’s immigrants every single year. And yet, we get mislabeling by falling into this trap, that we are bigoted, that we are racist and homophobic, and get further from the truth. Americans gave $500 billion to charity this year outside of taxes and government programs… What’s so unique about being American is, unlike any other country in the world, despite your race, your religious background, or where you came from, if you come to America and you embrace our ideas and our core values, you then become an American. Very few other countries have that.”

Kirk also brings up a very critical point – the difference between leftists and Americans. This is what he calls the battle between the “American Trinity” and the “Leftist Trinity.”

On the corners of the American Trinity stand the latin phrase E Pluribus Unim, meaning “out of many, one” – unity versus division. The second is American liberty and responsibility, The third, “in God we trust” – having natural rights and a reason to trust the government.

Within the Leftist Trinity falls the phrase “divide and conquer” – rich versus poor; men versus women; police versus citizen. The second lies “control before liberty” – no leftist wants to expand personal freedoms. Lastly, “in government we trust” – Americans should be skeptical of power, not willing to provide our deference.

Throughout Kirk’s podcast, he touches upon the 2020 Presidential race and other American values that he stands for, proudly.

Listen to the full podcast here!

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