Ever since Turning Point USA’s founding, Charlie Kirk, the organization’s founder, dreamt of joining Glenn Beck on air to discuss politics. In a recent Instagram post, Kirk said that when he would listen to the Beck’s radio show in the car while driving in his car 7 years ago (right around the time TPUSA was founded).

He leaned over to Bill Montgomery, the organization’s Co-Founder and Kirk’s mentor, and said, “One day I would love to be on his (Beck’s) show.”

For Kirk, Beck built the foundation that Kirk formed his core ideas from. On June 8, Kirk’s wish became reality: Kirk joined Beck on radio to discuss the Electoral College, the Left’s scheme to abolish it, and just how close this is to actually happening.

“Every since Donald Trump won the Presidency,” said Kirk, “the left has been enacting several full frontal assaults on our core institutions…the Democrats realized that the system of which we elect a President needs to change, that the system of decentralized elections that gives a voice to middle America, not Manhattan and Malibu, that system is barrier, is a hindrance, towards their quest for total control…”

Beck goes on to question Kirk why a true democracy is a detrimental system for America. Beck states that, just as in Europe, citizens in larger cities of America long for a “direct vote” because “they’ve been raised thinking that’s what we are.”

“First of all, we are not a democracy,” Kirk explicates, “that is one of the important things we have to teach the next generation.”

“We are a CONSTITUTION REPUBLIC and we use the DEMOCRATIC means to elect individuals and representatives”

So what is the difference between a Republic and a Democracy?

Kirk explains that a Constitutional Republic “recognizes certain natural rights that can’t be taken away just because the mob wants those to be taken away.”



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