Majority of Voters Wanted Someone Other Than Hillary Clinton

Majority of Voters Wanted Someone Other Than Hillary Clinton

Fact: The majority of American voters in 2016 voted for someone other than Hillary to be the President of the United States.

I don’t know about you, but I am getting tired of listening to everyone talk about how Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and was robbed by the archaic and probably racist Electoral College system as if Clinton had some overwhelming mandate from the people.

While Hillary Clinton may have won a plurality of voters she did not receive a majority of the votes.  Clinton may have defeated Trump in the overall popular vote, but neither one of them can rightfully claim that they have a mandate from the people, because no candidate in the 2016 contest received a majority of the votes.

Hillary Clinton received approximately 48.2 percent of the votes cast.  Which means that 51.8 percent of voters, a majority, wanted someone else in the oval office.  Sure you can make as case that Trump does not have much of a popular mandate, but we shouldn’t pretend that Hillary had one either, as on the left are now telling themselves.

There are some reasonable complaints to be made about the Electoral College and how it operates, but for Clinton supporters to claim that the majority of voters chose Hillary Clinton is just dishonest. Yes Clinton received more popular votes than Trump did, but at the same time more people voted against Clinton than voted for her.

I’m all for conversations about election reform, but I am not interested in having those conversations with folks who are coming to the table now just because their candidate lost.  If folks are serious about reforming the way America does it’s elections why stop at moving to a national popular vote? Let’s look at the way the primaries are conducted, let’s look at ranked choice voting, let’s have a real conversation about what it means to be a Republic vs a Democracy and talk about how we can protect the rights of folks in smaller states, while making sure every voice is heard.