Man arrested in burning of church chalked with “Vote Trump”

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Outrage ensues in Mississippi after a black man is arrested and charged for burning down the Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church of Greenville. The words “Vote Trump” were spray painted on the outside of the building at the crime of crime. The arrest has caused turmoil online and in the community surrounding the crime.

Andrew McClinton was arrested and charged with a felony of first-degree arson of a place of worship. McClinton has a criminal record including armed robbery. He has spent several years in prison prior to the recent crime.

The mayor of Greenville released a statement urging the police department to investigate it as a possible hate crime. Backlash occurred after the mayor released this statement. A former police officer and citizen of the town released this statement in regard to the mayors comment,

“I have a lot of respect for the mayor, but classifying this as a hate crime of a ‘historically black church in a black community’ before the investigation even got going good was basically profiling the suspect as a white person, whether he directly said it or not.”

People became outraged on social media in regard to not only the arrest of McClinton, as well as the mayors racial comments. Many African-Americans were skeptical about a black man being charged for the crime. The investigators are unclear what the motivation is for the crime at this point in the investigation.

McClinton is being held on a bond set at $250,000 and will be represented by a public defender in court.

Originally posted on Fox News

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