On February 19, a video was released by Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA capturing a man punching Hayden Williams, an employee of the Leadership Institute, in the face while tabeling for Turning Point USA. Media outlets across the country covered Williams’ story, as the assailant remained anonymous.

It was not until March 1 that Campus Reform reported the identification of the assailant: “the school identified the suspect as Zachary Greenberg.”

An Alameda County Superior Court Judge did, however, release a warrant for the arrest Greenberg that same day.  Greenberg was arrested and had begun consideration for criminal charges by mid-afternoon. These charges were publicly released shortly after:

“According to the formal criminal complaint obtained by Campus Reform, Greenberg faces one felony count of assault, one felony count of battery with serious bodily injury, one felony count of making a criminal threat, and one misdemeanor count of vandalism.”

As reported by Campus Reform, Williams spoke out about his assault on February 22nd while on the Sean Hannity Show:

WILLIAMS: “So I had the president of the club with me there and we were talking to a potential new member when this happened. And these two people just approached our table, as I said, very erratically and started cussing at us… That’s when I knew this was probably a troublesome situation. I pulled out my phone to start recording, and his friend — one of the gentlemen that approached our table — smacked my phone out of my —”

HANNITY: “There were other people videoing thankfully, right?”

WILLIAMS: “That’s right.”

Williams went on to say that the now viral video missed the first “six, seven seconds” of the encounter.  The assailant, Mr. Greenberg, was not identified nor charged for more than a week after the incident.

Charlie Kirk, the CEO and Founder of Turning Point USA, elucidated that “the UC Berkeley attack hits extremely close to home… In a very real sense, it was Turning Point USA’s mission — to promote conservative values and ideological diversity at universities like UC Berkeley — that put him in harm’s way.”

Williams is currently recovering from his injuries and has hired an attorney.  He is satisfied with the way UC-Berkeley Police has handled his case:

“I think due process was being followed, which I appreciate that as a constitutional conservative myself.  I’m grateful that the police did their job and found this guy, but I remain disappointed with UC-Berkeley and the fact that they allowed such a culture of intolerance and violence towards conservative viewpoints to grow and thrive.”

Campus Reform reports that Williams will continue his fight against extremist ideologies – on campus and in the courtroom.


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