How Migration is Reshaping Europe: A Week of Explosions, Curfews, and What Conservatives Want to Do About it

How Migration is Reshaping Europe: A Week of Explosions, Curfews, and What Conservatives Want to Do About it

Mass migration in Europe is changing and reshaping the continent, that’s a fact that many just can’t seem to face. That’s why I’ve decided to begin this weekly column, where I will outline events throughout the week that highlight the effects of mass migration in major European countries like Sweden, Germany, France, and the UK. Here’s what happened this week:

More Danger Spiking in Migrant Populated Areas

A couple of months ago, I reported about Sweden, and how mass migration was severely increasing crime rates, specifically violent crimes like gang violence, rape, and ‘bombing’ attacks. I mentioned how in October there were 13 bombing attacks throughout different parts of Sweden where migrants were a majority in the populous.

Since then, more attacks have happened, and Sunday, we saw one of these grenade attacks end in the death of an innocent 60-year-old man and injuring his partner. Lars Alvarsjo, chief of Stockholm’s southern police district, has admitted that there has been an “unfortunate” increase in grenade attacks in Sweden, especially in Stockholm and Malmo.

The Denial of “No-Go Zones” in Europe is Faltering

No Go Zones in Sweden
PC: YouTube Screen Shot

Over the past two years since mass migration began, we have seen more and more of what is referred to as “No-Go Zones” popping up in migrant-heavy ghettos. They are all over Sweden, including Stockholm and especially in Malmo. The crime rate in these areas is skyrocketing, which is why there were over 38 grenade attacks in Malmo alone since 2014. Sweden is continuing to live in denial of these truths.

In Denmark, the Danish People’s Party, or DF, has decided to do something about the increased violence and crime in migrant-heavy ghettos. The DF has proposed that “all children below the age of 18 living in the ghetto areas should be required to be off the streets no later than 8 pm every night,” according to Breitbart London. DF MP Martin Henriksen believes it is important that these kids “are at home with their family instead of being out with criminal elements that can affect them in a negative direction.”

It’s getting increasingly difficult for countries in Europe to deny the fact that these “No-Go Zones” exist. In the UK, there have been direct threats to police that they should “stay out” of these migrant populated areas. In Germany, “No-Go Zones” are popping up heavily in places like Eberplatz and Cologne. In France, “No-Go Zones” are emerging at such an alarming rate that an actual “No-Go Zone” app was created to help keep people aware and safe.

What Conservatives Are Doing About Migration

Conservatives in Germany have proposed more stringent migrant age checks after studies have been released about supposed ‘unaccompanied minors’ entering European countries to seek asylum have been found to be significantly older than they claim to be. This is happening in unprecedented numbers in Sweden, as a study found that 84% of ‘minor’ migrants were found not actually to be minors.

Conservatives in Germany are also proposing deportation of migrants that are anti-Semitic, in an effort to reduce anti-Semitism as Germans have fought long and hard for the acceptance and well-being of Jews after the Holocaust. Legislation has already been drafted and is calling for “absolute acceptance of Jewish life” to be considered a “benchmark” for integration. The draft also stated that “those who refuse Jewish life in Germany or question the right of existence of Israel, cannot have a place in our country.”

A Millennial’s Perspective

I’ve always been a proponent of immigration, as I’ve lived and grown up in a place where being a white woman made me a minority. Especially a white Christian Conservative woman. That being said, I have a love for what immigration has to offer, as many of my close friends and people who I highly respect and look up to are from different countries.

On the other hand, I see what kind of issues migration in mass amounts can do to a country. Consider this, people who come from Arab and African nations that consider themselves to be Muslim have a very particular set of views. This set of opinions, to them, is the absolute way of life, as many people who are Christian believe that their religion is the pure way of life. Those that come from Muslim faith have views that differ tremendously from the Western world.

PC: Shaun Dawson/Flickr

These people, who aren’t just bad people, are migrating in vast numbers and trying to integrate into a society that ultimately devalues everything that they believe in. They see women wearing practically nothing and feel as though they are being a disgrace. They see homosexuals walking around the streets without remorse, and they recognize this as unforgivable sin being committed.

Politicians in Europe, especially liberal ones, believe that these people are going to come from a completely different way of life and seamlessly integrate into their western ideologies when really, that is not how it works. People from Western societies wouldn’t migrate to Islamic countries and then just integrate into their way of living. Why should we expect them to do so?

This can work but in moderation. When we bring in a large group of people from a different culture and way of living, they will tend to stick in groups and attempt to continue their way of living wherever they migrate to. This is what we see happening now in Europe, and it’s getting to the point where migrants are severely outnumbering natives in specific areas.

Mass migration
Rape Statistics among UN countries | PC: Wikimedia Commons

The media, liberals, and SJWs are desperately trying to cover up the facts, and all it’s doing is bringing more and more crime. I mean, crime is getting so bad that people don’t feel safe in their hometowns anymore, people don’t feel safe leaving their house anymore. One of the most prominent instances of crime that has increased is in rape and sexual assault. It got so bad in Sweden that they began canceling popular events because too many young women were being raped or sexually assaulted at them.

While there is no easy way to just deal with this problem, the first step in getting there would be admitting that it has become a problem that needs dealing with.

How do you think mass migration is reshaping Europe? Do you think that migrating too many refugees at once is dangerous to the Western way of life? Let us know in the comments below!