Meet Michael DeSantis: Nation’s Youngest Congressional Campaign Manager

Meet Michael DeSantis: Nation’s Youngest Congressional Campaign Manager

At just 18 years old, Michael DeSantis is the CEO & Founder of American Dream Capital & Consulting (ADCC) “a firm dedicated to having its clients achieve their American dream” and former campaign manager for 2 political campaigns in 2016.

“Whether you’re a business or campaign we are the place to go to have you achieve that dream,” DeSantis said of ADCC.

He was the campaign manager for Libertarian J.J. Summerell who ran against the Democratic incumbent in North Carolina’s 1st Congressional District. The last time the district was represented by someone that wasn’t a Democrat was in 1883 so saying that DeSantis and his team were going to face some challenges in the district would be an understatement. “People didn’t want to talk to you if you were not a democrat,” DeSantis said in regards to the obstacles he faced when speaking to voters in the district. “I just reworded our positions in a liberal message.”

DeSantis also managed the campaign for Chris Shoffner (R) who ran for House Representative in District 41 against incumbent Gale Adcock (D). “It was a race that no one wanted to take,” said DeSantis. Their campaign funds did not even come close to those of Adcock, stating that they only had around $7,000 to work with compared to Adcock who had close to half a million in funds. “Having no resources at your disposal really makes you a good leader and consultant. It shows how much value to bring a company or campaign,” DeSantis told me as he described what it took to “start with nothing and build it into something.”

J.J. Summerell described DeSantis as someone who was not only professional but stood out from the rest of the candidates and campaign teams. “From professional recruiters, fundraising directors, sitting representatives and other political staff, Mr. Desantis managed many diverse functions and relationships central to the campaign. He proved to be a capable manager, learner, and leader,” said Summerell. “He is honest, hard-working and eminently competent. I look foward to working with him on projects in the future.”

I asked Michael what his reason was for getting involved in politics and his answer won’t surprise most of us students who deal with liberal professors. “Back in high school my history teacher once told us that the American Dream was dead. At that moment i knew that if our country lost its freedoms, its ‘American Dream’ idea, where are we going to go? No other country has what we have,” he answered.

Imagine yourself being a young idealistic high school student and your teacher telling you that the American Dream was dead. What would you do? Michael chose a life in politics not only to make a change but to pursue the American Dream.

“I got involved in politics once I found out that some of our core values as a country were no longer being valued.  The idea that we are free has gone out the window. The single greatest idea of our country; the American dream is a thing of the past. I got involved because I’m tired of seeing our country be destroyed,” said DeSantis.

Speaking with Michael on what made him different than his millennial counterparts he had a very simple but powerful message.

“I differ from my peers because I get results. I don’t stand around complaining about an issue I go out and solve it. People love to see ambitious young people that’s why I get stuff done. I was able to raise money for heart disease after my father died. I was able to pass autism insurance for my brother. When I put my mind to something I get results,” said DeSantis.

After my conversation with Michael it felt as if i had just spoken to a Congressman or Senator. Hearing him lay out his plans for the future and listening to the passion in his voice as he talk ed about what he wanted for himself, his family and everyone in this country was stunning. We spoke about his plans to run for local office in his home state and his vision for running for President. Speaking to such a young man, finding out the adversity he has had to overcome, such as losing his father at a young age and having a brother with autism, and listening to what he has planned for his future should inspire all of us to pursue our American Dream.

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