Men Who Talk Too Much in Class Are Oppressing Women

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If you’re a male who wants to speak up in class, you’re an oppressor of women according to a Wesleyan University student’s op-ed.

Tara Joy is a freshman at Wesleyan University, and formerly attended an all female high school. She wrote the op-ed for The Wesleyan Argus, lamenting the fact that men ‘talked constantly’.

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Discussing the male students in her First Year Seminar, Joy wrote,

“Despite making up less than half the class—[male students] managed to dominate every single discussion.”

Joy argued that even though women make up 57 percent of those attending colleges, their voices are heard less in the classroom. She reports discussing this with female students on campus, and getting a universal response of ‘that’s just what males do’.

Joy didn’t just pin blame onto the male students-she pinned it on the teachers and professors as well, writing,

“There are countless ways for teachers to contribute to this climate. Instructors at virtually every grade level have been found more likely to call on boys, more likely to tolerate interruptions coming from boys, more likely to address boys by name, and more likely to give long, thoughtful responses to boys’ questions and comments.”

However, after pointing out teachers and reminding women that they deserve to be heard, Joy brought it back around to male students:

“As a group, there’s no denying that men are taking up more than their fair share of class time. Men? You guys need to take a step back.”

Joy told Campus Reform that she was a feminist before coming onto campus, and says that she finds this to be a problem even in progressive, feminist men:

“I feel that this is a pretty universal experience for students, as well as a facet of gender inequality that doesn’t get discussed that much, so I thought it was worth writing about…I have so many well-meaning, reasonably progressive male friends who keep interrupting or even ignoring me and other women.”

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Joy also said that she thinks men only listen to other men, men speaking up in class is a form of ‘male privilege’, and that ‘mansplaining’ is a frequent classroom event.

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