Miami University Pushing Radical Feminist Agenda

Miami University Pushing Radical Feminist Agenda

Miami University’s Women’s Center launched an internship in 2017. The internship brings in about seven students a year to “organize events”. However, there may be some hidden agenda behind this.


It has been made known that the organization is paying their interns to push ‘radical feminism”. Elisabeth Todd is a Social Justice major at Miami University whom has been an intern for the Women’s Center for two years. Todd told Campus Reform:


“Her work with the Women’s Center is a crucial tool for fighting the oppressive environment at Miami University, which is consistently ranked among the top public universities in Ohio, according to U.S News and World Report. The school is physically very heteronormative, white, sexist, and very problematic in general and exclusionary. Very hierarchal. Student workers aren’t valued as much, and there’s not a lot of visibility.”


Following these claims from Todd, the organization’s directory Jenn Islam also confirmed with Campus Reform that the students follow the program with ideas of social justice and radical feminism.


The programs offered through the Women’s Center inspire students to create their own events and projects, spreading through campus and imposing their feminist views on other students.


Todd also mentioned to Campus Reform,


“In our student center, everything is glass. And it kind of felt like students are on display. The actual set-up of the student center…Miami definitely advertises its students, in a way that isn’t comfortable for everybody.”


Sound’s like this program may not be empowering to some, but more embarrassing if anything.