Michio Kaku thinks Big Government Sucks

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You likely may recognize the name and face of world renown scientist Michio Kaku. His views on many subjects of science have been heard by millions since being broadcast on the Science Channel in many shows with countless interviews and common correspondence with the public.

However, what is little known is his views on government which he expressed quite clearly, to the shock of many, in this video that’s surfaced of a presentation posted by Cosmology Today. First, he began with talking about education and what changes he envisioned would take place. Then also how governments should prepare for those changes.

“First, education. We must educate people for the future, the future is gonna be more scientific not less scientific. First is education.”

Then he unleashed the truth of the power of free markets on job growth, that when innovation is stifled then so is the economy. All the groups he mentions take the economy forward and make society better with technological progression. Some in the crowd could be heard rising in apprehensive volume already.

“Second! We must allow entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists, engineers, businessmen to flourish in the future. To create new industries, new silicon valley’s…innovation! Entrepreneurs to create industries to hire more workers.”

His next statement caused much the crowd to applaud while others attempted to boo him.

“Three, the Government has to get out of the way.”

Kaku continued expressing where the jobs of the future would originate. This comes from his vision that the nations who would be rich and poor in the future would be those who pursued a policy of government getting out of the way of the private sector. Therefore allowing it to do what it’s best at – creating wealth.

“The response of politicians is tax tax tax, regulate regulate regulate. That’s not the way to create wealth! Wealth has to encouraged. Wealth has to have a nudge, we have to have LESS regulation, not MORE regulation to allow companies to flourish to create JOBS because that’s where the JOBS of the future are gonna come from.”

Next, he made bold predictions of a future in which jobs and even the nature of capitalism itself would change. He encouraged the development of natural resources and intellectual capital.

“Fourth! The nature of the jobs will change. Less farming and more and more intellectual capital. The capital of the mind. We must have both! We have to have food, metals, commodities, oil but we also have to liberate ourselves with the power of the mind because capitalism itself is changing from commodity capital to intellectual capital.”

There is little doubt that the famous intellectual Kaku sees a future where the nations that engage in free market capitalism will prosper, while those that reject his bold message and warnings will fall behind to a changing 21st century.

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