Milo Yiannopoulos’ Counter Protest will Positively Promote the Cause of Liberty

Milo Yiannopoulos’ Counter Protest will Positively Promote the Cause of Liberty

Something very special happened the day after violent leftists shut down Milo  Yiannopoulos’s scheduled Friday the 13th appearance at UC Davis.  Milo launched a successful and peaceful non-violent counter-protest.

Milo Yiannopoulos successfully captured the leftist protesters verbally and physically assaulting his supporters and advocating the destruction of public and private property, while their professors were denying such things were happening.  One could argue that this requires self-defense, since such mob behavior if encouraged or ignored could lead to authorities simply not enforcing laws.

Well, California does that constantly!

California embraces sanctuary city policies, has not made arrests of people violently attacking Trump supporters or Milo supporters despite their assaults being captured on camera, and even passed a law on September 26th, 2016 to legalize child prostitution!  Oh my has the golden state fallen! (you can thank illegal immigration and east coast hippies for that).

But despite these daunting and tyrannical circumstances, Milo pulled off a feat that challenged stereotypes about conservatives and liberal doctrine.  By successfully engaging in this counter-protest, he challenged the liberal orthodoxy of anarchy.  He publicly deconstructed the tyranny of the left, and provided support to students who were upset with the previous night’s mob shut down, and general unchecked illegality.   He attacked the lies on the part of the public university’s professors, and the inaction of law enforcement.

In his counter-protest he demonstrated to leftists how to eloquently argue libertarian ideals, and how to protest without damaging property, assaulting opponents, and threatening to shut down the 1st amendment rights of others, while simultaneously condemning law enforcement officers and campus officials for holding college Republicans financially responsible for the property damage perpetrated by leftist protesters.

Lucas Nolan |

This will not make mainstream news because it exposes the corruption, fraud, and tyranny that is the government of the state of California, but Yiannopoulos’s counter-protest could be the start of a peaceful reformation within the right-wing millennial movement, which shatters leftist stereotypes of conservatives violently shooting students like the way Ronald Reagan did back in the 60s (even though it was self-defense against violent perpetrators).

This will scare leftists because they will not know how to respond to peaceful counter-protests, since they can’t use the Reagan stereotype to frame us anymore.  What will happen is that more people will realize that the violence and intimidation comes from radical leftism.   People will re-evaluate Reagan’s decision as governor and start to question the trustworthiness of the government of California and the revisionist history of the left.

That in and of itself is a positive development in the name of liberty.

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