My Favorite Things From 2016

  1. The Sports

For me this is an easy one.  Having been raised as a Dallas Cowboys fan their success on the field has been a breath of fresh air for me.  In addition my Oregon State Beavers defeated the University of Oregon Duck in the annual Civil War game for the first time in years, so that was pretty greats. And of course you can’t mention 2016 and sports with out bringing up the Cubs and their amazing World Series victory.

2. The Election

I know this is why most people hated 2016, but as a giant political nerd I just loved it.  While the election was more divisive and grittier than I would have liked, the focus on politics and the horse race of it I have to admit I enjoyed.  Even if your candidate wasn’t successful, when you take a step back and appreciate the historic nature of this election it really is something to take in.  Plus now the mainstream media is essentially irrelevant, so that’s always a plus.

3. The Movies

Well there was Rogue One and then there was Rogue One and oh…Rogue One! Captain America Civil War was pretty good.  Deadpool was hilarious and awesome. Suicide Squad and Dawn of Justice were kinda disappointing, but Rogue One was so good that it makes up for all of them.

4. The Television

While the majority of this year’s Game of Thrones was kind of slow, the final two episodes of the season might have been some of the best television episodes ever aired.  Westworld burst onto the scene with a solid first season and mind-blowing finale.  Stranger Things on Netflix took everyone by storm becoming an almost overnight hit. Plus Jeffery Dean Morgan’s Negan on the Walking Dead is one of the most interesting and entertaining villains on television.

5. The Games

XCOM 2 might be one the the best strategy games ever.  The new Doom is a killer first person shooting adventure.  The Witcher 3 was killer as far as RPG games go.  Overwatch took the multiplayer gaming scene by storm.  Dark Souls 3 was great for all those gamers out there who hate themselves and are glutton for punishment.  Apparently the new Final Fantasy is pretty awesome, but I haven’t got around to playing it yet

So despite all the haters, 2016 was actually a pretty great year in some regards.  The celebrity deaths were rough (I’m still pretty torn up about Merle Haggard), but all in all some really solid things came out of this year.  Let’s hope 2017 is even better!