My response to the hate crime committed against a disabled white man: Let’s get real about race in America

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Let’s get real about race in America.

The year is 2017. The ‘loving left’ is flooded with ‘social justice warriors’ and an overwhelming plethora of ‘tolerant’ ignoramus who strive for ‘justice’ – but only if you’re considered (by them) a supreme being of society. By this, I mean these certain individuals who are presumed above the law, and their needs far more important than those not of supreme status. This superior class created by the democratic party includes blacks, gays, illegal aliens, lesbians, radical Muslims, modern feminists, snowflake liberals, and basically anyone who isn’t a conservative — white male, or female who actually looks like a female.

A repulsive hate crime committed against an individual excluded from this divine supremacy, has been excused by the ‘loving left’.

On Monday, a disabled Chicago man was beaten, partially scalped, forced to drink toilet water, and quite obviously – tortured for the color of his skin and his mental disabilities. The four barbaric teens: Jordan Hill – 18, Tesfaye Cooper – 18, Brittany Covington – 18, and Tanishia Covington – 24, who baited the disabled man, tortured him for about five hours before he was able to escape, while he had been with one of the teens for about forty-eight hours prior. Willingly, at first.

Oh — one fact I failed to mention is these four teens are black and repeatedly chanted “F-ck White People!” and “F-ck Donald Trump!” throughout the semi-scalping, taunting, and beating of the mentally impaired man – who happened to be white.

Many methods of harm were pursued as punishment if he didn’t repeat these hateful statements upon their request, might I add. This horrid and sickeningly ‘successful’ pursuit of racism by four black teens was streamed on Facebook LIVE for thirty whole minutes, while comments like “we goin’ to jail” and “this goin’ viral” were followed by laughter – but no 911 call by viewers.

The initial 911 call was made by a down-stairs neighbor who made a noise complaint. The two female offenders later paid her a visit, kicking in her door and questionably acquiring some of her belongings. This is what allowed the young man to escape, as police later spotted him walking down the road, a bloody mess, and called for an ambulance. This unseen caliber of hate and racism is something that is near foreign in modern America.

Where are the race rioters in the streets?
Where are the looters and arsonists?
Where are the ‘White Lives Matter’ or ‘Disabled Lives Matter’ activists?

Ladies and Gentlemen, if this disabled young man was black, the nation would be in an absolute uproar! Hell, when ARMED black men are shot by a police officer in self-defense, those of their clearly misinformed and ignorant communities and the Black Lives Matter ‘More’ movement (credit to Tomi Lahren for the witty ‘more’) are in the streets, burning their own towns and businesses, blocking highways, deliberately targeting random white Americans, and God only knows what else.

Now make no mistake. I am not basing this off a personal, racially driven agenda. I am simply stating facts and telling the real story to support my concern of this ‘supreme society’ created by the left, in an attempt to bring light to this foregone racism and promote genuine equality. The Obama Administration and leftist majority have encouraged and directly caused this caliber of hate, while they consciously claim this attack is hardly an issue — clearly displayed in the statements below.

The unfortunate thing about being excluded from the left’s supreme class, is comments such as ‘I don’t think it was evil’ – Don Lemon, CNN (who happens to be ‘supreme’), they weren’t ‘trying to be criminal’ – NBC, or ‘This is not a hate crime’ – Symone Sanders (also ‘supreme’) are made. Ms. Sanders even went as far as blaming the assault on President Elect, Donald Trump. All while, it is quite clear the disgustingly divisive ways of the left are to blame for this attack. Though the teens are currently being charged with a hate crime amongst various earned offenses, the media and ‘social justice warriors’ are downplaying the attack – and as previously stated, are looking to put these ‘supreme beings’ above the law as they have so many times in the past.

This double standard is an absolute cancer to our society. Hate crimes committed against whites, republicans, conservatives (aka the true minority of society), and anyone else unpopular in modern America, are pushed under the rug. I don’t know about you folks — but I am sick of the color driven, absolutely emotional, liberal, double standard pushed by the mainstream media, and the leftist majority.

More than any time in recent history, our nation needs to come together and stand for Justice, not for race. We are ALL Americans.

It is quite clear who pursues an agenda based on black or white, rather than red, white, and blue. As a proud conservative, 1st generation American, and woman who has been racially discriminated against (but refuses to be a victim), I say this.

Conservatives who say they are “color blind”, are undoubtedly lying. We’ve been given a specific diagnosis. We see hearts and souls of stars and bars, and judge by that — rather than skin color like the ‘loving left’ of course. We see red, white, and blue on the sleeve and collar of great men like Clarence Thomas and Marco Rubio, or in the slightly over-priced but so worth it, conceal carry handbags of great women like Leah Campos and Kimberly Corban. We see it in the soul of each and every man and woman serving overseas, regardless of race, and in the hearts of our brothers and sisters in Israel.

All while, the supreme’s big brother aka leftist elites, identify the horrid prejudice they pursued against a disabled man ‘not a hate crime’. And make no mistake, this is a direct result of the color of his skin. White.

Since when has it been acceptable to beat the living hell out of a person, let alone one who is mentally disabled, force them to drink toilet water and partially scalp them because of their skin color? This obvious bias against whites (males specifically), and racism as a whole, must come to an end. Though I have faith in our criminal justice system, I have nearly lost hope for the majority of the left, and mainstream media who neglect to recognize that racism is a lake, not a river.

I leave you with this. Myself – along with any and every Conservative and decent human I know, would stand with the disabled man, regardless of skin color. Where as, these past couple days have exposes the true colors of the left as they promote the supremacy of some Americans, in this case black Americans, based on characteristics such as race.

We are better than this.


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