Norwin High School in Pennsylvania founded a Turning Point USA chapter earlier this April. By the chapter’s second meeting, school faculty was supposedly offended.

The Norwin TPUSA chapter held their first meeting on April 5, tweeting that if students “[e]ver wanted to learn more about politics, then come to our first meeting tomorrow and join our new  club…”

On April 26, the high school chapter held their second meeting. The students set out in hopes of recruiting more members by posting signage throughout the hallways.

The posters hung had the standard TPUSA slogans on them: “I Heart Capitalism,” “Socialism Sucks,” and “Big Gov Sucks.”

The chapter tweeted that they were required to remove all signage from the campus due to “disapproval… by staff.”

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TPUSA News contacted the chapter as well as the chapter president, Harrison Barnett. He explained that after his chapter hung the posters on bulletin boards throughout the school, members of the chapter heard people tearing them down.

“I went in the hallway and saw a science teacher tearing the poster down,” Barnett said. “I asked him what he was doing and he said we had to get administrative review for the putting posters up.”

“As I went in to the hallway, I stopped the teacher while he was [tearing] them down,” he continued. Barnett took precautions and began taking the posters down himself after the confrontation with the teacher.

Barnett stated that the assistant principal had a “problem” with the poster that read “Big Gov Sucks.”

The president asserts that the principal, however, had “no problem” with the organization’s posters.

When asked about solving this issue, Barnett said, “I don’t think there will be any problems with the principals, but I’m not sure how the staff with react to these posters.”

Since the chapter’s founding, the president has received predominantly positive feedback. Many students said they would like to join the chapter, according to Barnett.

Barnett explicates that he is worried more teachers will start “tearing down the posters rather than coming to us.”

TPUSA News has contacted Norwin High School’s principle; however, no comment has been made at this time.

This is an ongoing story. Follow Turning Point News for all updates. 

UPDATE: The principle of Norwin High School, Michael Choby, responded to TPUSA News on Monday, April 29. According to Choby, he spoke to faculty advisor and confirmed that the TPUSA chapter did not receive approval for the signage.

The principle states that he is “confident they will get together to understand the process.”

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