As America is shifting directions towards socialism, Mikaela Lyrea, a member of a southern California Native American tribe, collaborated with Turning Point USA to explain how Native American reservations have been decimated by socialist government policies.

“If you go to Indian reservations these days and in the past, you will see impoverished reservations living in third-world conditions, and they are a product of a dependent lifestyle, pending on the government to appropriate funds correctly…”

“That is what socialism is, and that is where socialism will take us,” states Lyrea.  “It will create a dependent society to where we have no independence anymore on what we can do and what we can account to.”

These socialist government policies should never have been placed on Native American tribes, she explains.  Native Americans should not have been subject to a forced government take over; rather, Natives should have adopted a type of “reservation capitalism.”

“If [the government] had let us keep our land and let us keep our way of life, we could have flourished as people, but instead, the government thought it was best to place us on reservations and strip all of our freedoms away one by one, and now we are dependent on those programs – many of us have become addicted to the federal wallet.”


Lyrea makes clear that what Native Americans are undergoing is a representation of socialism – waiting for Congress to properly give them a fair share because there is no other way:

“We still can go to a reservation today and ask them if they have running water, no.  Electricity? No. Sewage? Quality healthcare? Quality education? All these things are missing, so how much more money and how many more programs do we need before we find our self determination and start fixing these things are own?”

“Government programs, more programs are not the answer,” she clarifies.  “The answer is independence.”

The problem, Lyrea addresses, is that many Native Americans fear a loss of culture, a loss of way of life if they become free of government aid.  To this, she asks, “is there any pride in letting the government take care of us day to day? Is there any culture in that?”

Lyrea unravels the mysteries of socialism in the United States: what would happen if it prevailed?  She explains that the basic necessities of life are not available under pure socialism. She says that after “[having a socialist economy] for hundreds of years… it solved absolutely nothing.”

“I ask you, as a Native American,” Lyrea examines, “you’ve already placed [Natives] on reservations, why place the rest of the country on one?”

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