NFL losing millions of viewers due to national anthem protests

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Nearly one-third of adults have said that they’re less likely to watch NFL games because of the controversial national anthem protests – spurred on by Colin Kapernick of the 49ers. Only 13% said they were more likely to watch an NFL game after the protests.

Forbes sports and finance writer, Mike Ozanian stated that, “It is starting to look like disrespecting the country during the national anthem is accomplishing what the concussions, domestic violence and deflategate could not do–drive down television ratings for the National Football League. Through two weeks of football the NFL’s television ratings are down across the board.”

“The drop in ratings and viewership is unprecedented in recent years and has occurred during the protest of the national anthem, started by San Francisco 49ers backup QB Colin Kaepernick,” Ozanian added. “Just last year some opined that the league’s ratings had no ceiling. That appears to be false.”


The fact of the matter is that viewers are sick and tired of the disrespect from the players. Over the past five weeks, ratings have gone way down, and who will pay the price? The players and team hot shots (aka the owners).

It is estimated that the NFL will make nearly $4.6 billion in television royalties from ESPN, NBC, Fox, CBS and DirecTV that it will distribute equally to its 32 teams. Being worth $2.34 billion with the average NFL player earning $2.1 million, television money and ratings are a massive factor in the success of the NFL.

Although the networks that televise the games don’t really mention the national anthem protests anymore, the fans and viewers definitely have not forgotten.


What now? Either the owners and coaches will need to discipline the protesting players or the NFL will have to eat the cost of plummeting TV ratings.

Here is a list of all the players who participated in protests during the NFL’s fifth week.

Will you keep watching the games while the players are protesting? Let us know in the comments below!

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