NFL player donates his first paycheck to Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation

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Cleveland Browns running back Isaiah Crowell wants to be a part of the solution rather than the problem. Crowell donated his first NFL paycheck of the season to the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation.

The paycheck, which is roughly $35,000, was promised to the Dallas foundation after Crowell posted a graphic drawing on Instagram of a hooded man slashing a handcuffed and kneeling police officer’s throat in early July. The following day after posting the image, five Dallas police officers were killed in the line of duty.

Showing true remorse for his actions, Crowell made a commitment to donate his first paycheck to the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation. The organization’s president, Sgt. Demetrick Pennie, invited Crowell to attend the funeral of slain DPD officer Patrick Zamarripa.

“In response to the public backlash, Mr. Crowell pledged to make a donation to the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation, of which I am the president of,” Sgt. Pennie wrote on Facebook in July.


“In an effort to show the progressiveness and professionalism of the Dallas Police Department, its officers, and its affiliated police support organizations, I reached out to Mr. Crowell and expressed a disinterest in his money. Rather, I told him that I did want an opportunity to educate him about the policing profession and the meaning of police service and sacrifice.”

Crowell insisted on making a donation to the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation.

“I said, ‘Isaiah, why did you send me a check? I told you you didn’t have to send me a check,'” Pennie said in an interview with on Wednesday. “He said, ‘Sarge, I want to do it. I really want to do it.’ I said, ‘okay, alright, you will now be an executive level sponsor. So now, you are a celebrity sponsor of the Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation.'”

In addition to the paycheck, Crowell has plans to attend events with the foundation and help where possible.

Crowell is currently the league’s second-leading rusher, and he’s due to make $700,000 this season.


(H/T: Law Officer)

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